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Focus on: Menswear Paris Fashion Week – January 2023


Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 collections has been presented this week in Paris. 

Last week in Paris was the comeback of the Menswear fashion week. A huge event and occasion for every designer, fashion-lover and people from the industry to gather, showcase and have fun around a common subject: Men’s fashion

Men are getting little by little more exposure and interest in the fashion industry. Yet, body diversity on the catwalk and the inclusion of diversity is still very slow and not the main priority. 

But for now, we will leave the place to the art of fashion and to the main and most important shows of this Parisian season. 


Louis Vuitton

Since its creation, Louis Vuitton has been all about the “art of travel”. In this new collection, the notion of travel is experience through the big life journey we all go through. We grow up, dream, and experience life. This is our own personal journey. Yet some common points unite us on our way to a greater and better future. 

Louis Vuitton Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show with a Live Performance by Rosalía | LOUIS VUITTON, YouTube

The show was all about that, displaying common references to childhood while seeing adult men walking.

From the colours, to the accessories and the set, everything was combined to have and feel a wave of nostalgia and keep on dreaming. Drawing does not stop to a paper, it even goes on the wall and on the clothes. 

@louisvuitton on Instagram

Rosalia also, was a good match when it comes to the choice of the artist performing during the show. Her mesmerising voice and melody help us to dive into the brand universe and new collection. 

@louisvuitton on Instagram

For this new collection, Louis Vuitton has asked KidSuper: Colm Dillane to design and create something new. The result is outstanding and the Maison has not lost its DNA and culture. Such an appropriate and perfect fit. 

One of the shows you must see! 

@louisvuitton on Instagram



Dior Men Winter 2023-2024 Show, YouTube

It is what the show was about. If you have not noticed, there was a big screen displaying Robert Pattinson and Gwendoline Christie reciting The Waste Land from T.S. Eliot’s, combined with a live orchestra. 

@dior on Instagram

Through this new collection, Kin Jones, the Designer of Dior Homme, has made a reference to the past and some iconic collections of Dior. From Christian Dior to Yves Saint Laurent, references are multiples. Also, a reference to school and how it used to be. From the uniform to the colours and the shapes. Suits have been redesigned and reworked to match our current age. The world we know and live in, now, is made out of what has been done before. History, inheritance and great references. An ode to the past. 

@dior on Instagram

Skirts, transparency and shapes are making this new collection a successful and inspiring show. Dream in Dior is visible and present in all looks, with references to the Maison most unique and greatest savoir-faire. The embroideries, the silhouette, and Mr. Kim Jones signature, with the shapes, and looks construction. 

@dior on Instagram

A reference to the past and how school used to be, but not in a sad melancholy but in a poetic way. The soft and delicate colours chosen as well as the fabrics make this collection great and timeless. 

Luxury brands are still doing good and Maison such as Dior are proving that Dreaming and what luxury truly means exists still. 

@dior on Instagram

Saint Laurent

Chic & Silhouettes. Saint Laurent Menswear collection has been compared a lot to the womenswear one. A sort of adaptation and transposition of the womenswear into the menswear. 

Saint Laurent | Fall Winter 2023/2024 | Menswear, YouTube

As Anthony Vaccarello said himself: women can move to menswear and men can move to womenswear easily. Versatile but also blurred, the frontier between genders is slowly disappearing. 

@ysl on Instagram

As a result, we saw men wearing dresses and clothes with an emphasis on their silhouettes. The chic of Saint Laurent but in a reshaped approach. We must admit that the scene and the staging have been participating in this progress and this evolution. Can we talk about virtuous circle? We believe so. 

If you are in a quest of genderless, fluid or new ideas on how to dress this year, then the show gives you plenty of insights and source of inspiration. Chic and fluid. That’s it! 

@ysl on Instagram

Marine Serre

Is the future of fashion currently happening?

Sustainability is nowadays an issue and a topic mostly discussed in every business. From classes at universities to specific and dedicated branches in companies and from the government actions to the laws and regulations put in place, it is clear that we must take some actions to preserve and save our planet. Fashion has been highly criticised over its impact on the planet and society at large.

Hopefully some highly creative designers are trying to prove that fashion can change and move forward. Leading the industry with ideas. Marine Serre has been a pioneer and one of the most known and influential fashion houses and designers to take the lead and offer upcycling collections. 


This years’ collection is made out of recycled materials and reusable fabrics. No waste, no novelty in terms of raw materials. Making something new out of existing and old stuff. New collection, items, ideas and inspiration. 

@marineserre_official on Instagram

Once again, we have been amazed by the show presented during the menswear fashion week. Even though the catwalk was not only about men but more general, it has been a huge wave of creativity and insights to think about. 

Rebirth, transformation, change, renewal, those words were meant to describe Marine Serre’s work. 

@marineserre_official on Instagram

Comme des Garçons

“Tailoring of the Avant-Garde”. This is the name given by Comme des Garçons to their new collection, presented in Paris. 

Comme des Garçons Homme Plus Fall/Winter 2023 Show, YouTube

Avant-Garde is a term used and employed to characterise something that is ahead of time. Something new, experimental and even marginal. It is about experiencing something new, a sort of entrepreneurial spirit at the conquest of a blue ocean. Originally used in a military context to define the first raw sent to identify and track the land before an assault, it has also been used to characterise an artistic and cultural movement. 

Tailoring is an art and a branch of the fashion industry. It is about creating lines, silhouettes and specific types of clothes. 

Comme des Garçons is, in some way, an Avant-Garde brand, used to surprise with its colours, shapes and design but also inspire and nourish this new man idea that we have and its characteristics. 

@commedesgarcons on Instagram

This year’s collection is very surprising as it is not centred around colours. Instead, it is the return of black. This comeback is not only specific to this brand but has been visible over most of the fashion shows. We also were amazed by the work of the shapes, designs. We have been also intrigued by the majority of suits created. 

The new man’s idea of the designer is clear: it is not about gender, not about clothes, but about you. It is about the character wearing the clothes. You merge with this collection. It helps you, being you, the one you want to be. Comme des Garçons! 

@commedesgarcons on Instagram

Ami Paris

Renewal, repositioning, and redefining what Ami is. This new Men’s and Women’s collection presented in Paris is an introduction to a new adventure for the Parisian brand. 

Ami Women’s & Men’s Fall-Winter 2023 Fashion Show, YouTube

After years making the brand around Paris, and picturing the city, this collection is giving us some fresh thoughts about the brand. 

New colours, no more logos and fluidity. These are the main changes operated by the creator. 

@amiparis on Instagram

This new collection, synonymous with the new position of the brand, took place for the first-time in the Opera Bastille. A lot of fresh and first time experiences which is nourishing this change the brand is operating (also check their new instagram feed). 

However, something has not changed and an ingredient makes the recipe still reliable and comforting: the Parisian chic, BCBG vibe. Yes, we are not afraid to say it, but Ami is the perfect representation of the idea we have of the Parisian and chic style / cliché. We are glad to still find it in this new collection.

@amiparis on Instagram

As it is the beginning of a new story for AMI, we are looking forward to seeing the next steps and advancements taken by Alexandre Mattiussi. 


Maison Margiela

Maison Margiela | Fall Winter 2023/2024 | Full Show, YouTube

The amazing and Great John Galliano has, once again, revolutionised the fashion industry! Revolution and disruptiveness have always been the main elements of his creations. Maison Margiela is a sort of the perfect representation of it as it is known to be very disruptive and unique in the ideas, designs and shows. 

@maisonmargiela on Instagram

We have enjoyed the shapes and the work around the structure of each look. Looking carefully we have seen very special pieces. 

@maisonmargiela on Instagram

Gender was not the subject of this show. It was not only a menswear collection but obviously, the creations can be seen as fluid and non-gendered. You just need to dare wearing it! It is obvious that it has a strong link to the creator’s point of view and signature. 

@maisonmargiela on Instagram

Acne Studio

Genderless, fluidity, non-binary… These themes are becoming more common in the fashion industry. Even luxury and very popular houses such as Saint Laurent are taking this path when designing new collections. 

Over the years we realised what gender truly means and how complex the subject can be. The fashion industry is trying (trying, yeah…), to get along with this societal shift and to be up to date. 

However some designers like to play with the meaning and code of masculinity. It has been the case of Acne Studio and Jonny Johansson’s creations. 

For this new collection presented in Paris, the designer made the choice to not take the position of genderless but instead make fun of masculinity. Ultra masculinity meeting ultra femininity to redefine and reinterpret the complexity of the new man. 

@acnestudios on Instagram

Presented in a ‘masculine’ environment: a cave, displaying muscular and tall men, the collection was offering some very feminine-associated pieces such as crop tops, skirts and mini-clothes. 

@acnestudios on Instagram

2023 = free to be

The Menswear fashion week was a great source of inspiration but also representation of society at large. We got a lot of insight of what it is expected outside and what this year will be about: FREEDOM. Free to be, free to express and also free to trespass the boundaries. 

The New Man was mentioned by nearly every single fashion actor presenting during this week. What masculinity is, what gender is, the boundaries and stereotypes have been studied and discussed. Men are no longer limited and fashion houses are moving forward. The time has come to make fashion even more free and creative. Liberty to create, to dress and speakout. Self-expression, confidence and judgements-free. These are the credos of 2023. 

Are silhouettes back? We have to admit that it has been a huge thing and a common element that we saw on multiple fashion shows. From Dior to Saint Laurent, Marine Serre and even, stay tuned on this trend, maybe we’ll hear more of this sooner or later 😉 

Poetry seems also to be THE theme of this year’s edition. Every house and brand tried to make a reference to the art of playing with words to create a symphony. A worded interpretation of the visuals they created or a visual representation of written art? We will never know, but what we can say is that art, in all its form, is nourishing and inspiring fashion. Sometimes boundaries can be blurred or even non-existents.  

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Fashion models: family business


When the modelling skills are a genetic inheritance

Family run businesses are really common. From the construction industry to hotels, restaurants or even big corporations. We all know a family run business. But did you know that even in the modelling scope, this is true!

Today’s edition will be about fashion transmitted genes and some very famous models performing as a family.


Hadid Family

Let’s start with the most famous and worldwide known model family: the Hadid’s. They are a whole family of models. From the Mother to the three kids, they all went for this job. Yolanda Hadid, the mother of the clan, started in the Netherlands as a model. Later on, she had three kids: Gigi, Bella and Anwar. The kids followed their mum’s path and became models as well.

Gigi and Bella are one of the most well-known and popular supermodels in the industry. From the catwalks to the cover of famous magazines as Vogue or just as the ambassadors of luxury brands, they are everywhere. Anwar is more discreet compared to his sisters but he is also performing in the same industry.

Some people accused Yolanda of forcing her kids to get into fashion and to serve as a model. This put into consideration the consent and wellbeing of the new Hadid generation. Are they really happy about their career?

@yolanda.hadid on Instagram
@yolanda.hadid on Instagram
@gigihadid on Instagram
@bellahadid on Instagram

Gerber Family

You probably know Kaia, a supermodel, as well. She is the daughter of the famous and international former supermodel: Cindy Crawford. But did you know she had a brother who is also a model. Presley Gerber. He and Kaia are both the children of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. The famous and iconic 80’s-90’s superstar supermodel can be proud of her success. But did you know that Rande, the father of Kaia and Persely had a modelling career as well? Back in the day, before being referred to as a businessman, he also went into modelling!

Once again, Kaia is more famous than her brother Presley but both are considered as supermodels and they have both signed with model agencies. This family has the genes of modelling and the new generation got the chance to be born in the best circumstances possible.

@kaiagerber on Instagram
@cindycrawford on Instagram
@kaiagerber on Instagram

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, an iconic name for such a personality! The famous supermodel, entrepreneur and British designer had a daughter in 2002: Lila Grace Moss Hack. And guess what? Lila followed the steps of her mother! She recently started her career of modelling and she is doing well. The daughter of the iconic Heroine Chic figure and Calvin Klein ambassador became one as well. We frequently see the daughter and the mum posing together in public appearances.

Lila is also very famous on social media. She has a balanced life between social media and the fashion world. Another proud mum running a family business.

@katemossagency on Instagram
@britishvogue on Instagram
@lilamoss on Instagram

As you may have read, modelling is easier when you are from one of the most famous and recognise family in the fashion industry. Having parents or siblings performing and succeding as models are a real help. But do not forget that it is still a hard job and not quiet one. Do not hesitate to read our previous article about this career. 

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Focus on: Lewis Hamilton


The famous Formula One athlete is back on the fashion scene

After some time being more discreet in the fashion world and focused on his main activity: formula ONE, the great athlete, Lewis Hamilton is back and he has a lot to share and inspiration to give us. 


Lewis Hamilton who? 

First thing first, who is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis is a British motorsports racing driver competing in Formula One for Mercedes. He is considered by some of his fans and some professionals in this sport as the best driver of his generation. He is described as being very complete, aggressive and serious. 

But well, he may be serious during championships and competitions but between them, he is famous for his jet-set lifestyle and freedom. 

Lewis is used to enjoying his time between races to do whatever he wants to and giving time to other of his passions such as fashion. Polaroids enjoy him and track him worldwide to report on what he is doing between races and two victories. 

However, the same media titles can be brutal. Lewis Hamilton has been the victim of racism several times. He can be the only man of colour performing a race and competing. But instead of listening, he stood for the cause and against racism. He protested for Black Lives Matter for example. He is also active in helping and giving a chance to the under-represented backgrounds kids and students to build and access to a better future. He does not stop in acting for human rights, equalities and diversity. Lewis Hamilton also fights for the climate, for the environment and the animals. He follows a plant-based diet, making him one of the most famous athletes to publicly say it, he also has a plan to be carbon neutral and more. 

More than that, Lewis Hamilton is not only an automobile athlete. He also has a venture in the music industry! He is known as XNDA. He recorded a song with Christina Aguilera. 


Race in Fashion: the Starting Points

The best part that we will explore today: Lewis Hamilton and the Fashion Industry! Because yes, being an athlete does not mean not paying attention to its fashion style. Lewis Hamilton launched a collection in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger during the 2018 New York Fashion Week. He also is an ambassador for a luxury watch company owned by Richemont: IWC.  


Lewis Hamilton victorious in the Fashion World Men’s Cup Competition:

In the Fashion World’s Men’s cup competition, Lewis Hamilton is probably at the top position. The Formula One Athlete is not only the best driver of his generation, he is probably the best dressed and stylish athlete as well. 

From the official public appearances, to his daily life, it is always a pleasure to observe and see what he will be wearing. 

Also, what is amazing is that he does not care about the genres, we saw him wearing skirts and kilts, as well as bright colours. He wears every sort of fabric, plays with shapes, transparency and superposition. He also accessories his outfits and does not hesitate to wear rings and jewellery. His style is more street style inspired and has nice compositions. From red carpets, to the MET or just on daily basis, this is amazing.


A Race or a Strategy? 

Many athletes are investing and getting into fashion. They use their influence, the values of their domain and their message to communicate and unit people around the same visions. This is also a way for them to diversify their audience, the image and appearance. For Lewis Hamilton, it is not to prove how good his fashion style is. He is known as an athlete and racing competitor which means he is brave, free and disruptive as his sport can be. That is what we all assume, and that is on this basis that his identity is built. 

Lewis has a daring fashion style and amazing tastes. 


Back in the Fashion Cup

A few days ago, Lewis Hamilton made his comeback on Instagram as a fashion icon. He published a picture of his outfit showing the world that he is still in the race. A green outfit, perfect for the season and in total accordance with the current trends. 

He also made a comeback on the Valentino scene, with the amazing Zendaya. We saw him on a post by Luxurylaw, posing and dressed in a pink outfit for Valentino. 

He is back on the fashion scene. As if it was a summer break from the automobile competitions, but a new race in fashion. When not competing, he is well dressed. 


What to expect next

As summer is going on, and the world is still alive, we expect to see him even more in the fashion industry. We had the chance to see him attending the Met Gala, fashion shows and being an ambassador for many brands. 

Maybe in the near future we can expect him to partner with another brand to create and launch another collection. We also thought about a brand that Lewis would own by himself and develop, like Cristiano Ronaldo and his CR7 brand. 


Anyways, we are not bored of watching his looks and his fashion evolution and we hope he will keep going this way. An athlete with such an influence, principles and convictions is always a good source of inspiration. Both on a fashion style level and on an ethical and inspirational hero level. 

Let’s wait and see in what race Lewis will get involved next.

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Fashion models: dream job or utopia?


Is Modelling made for everyone?

We probably all know someone we find charismatic and charming. We probably thought or asked this person why not try some modelling jobs? In fact we tend to think modelling is an easy job to do and open to anyone good-looking. But is it a job made for the general public? Is it a real dream job to get or just a profound and true utopia?


Criterias of beauty from the industry

Fashion Models are known for being tall, thin, good looking and young. These are the most known criterias for the industry from the general public. Everytime we see someone matching these, we automatically think or hear someone say: “you should apply for being a model”, or related quotes. 

All of these come from a sad reality: the beauty standards of the fashion industry. Models are selected on the behalf of physical criterias and norms. Considering this, we tend to forget everything apart from that to be a model. Also, it reduces the number of potential participants and the list for being considered. 

Also, we believe that it is just necessary to be good looking and tall to be a model. We see the job as being pretty and that’s it. But being a model is way more than that and it requires a lot of effort and work. It is not just about fame, fashion, brands and photographs. That is what we imagine when we talk about the profession but that is not the reality. 

@dmcasting on Instagram
@bethmodelafrica on Instagram

Being strong enough and self-confident to accept the critics

In fact, one of the realities of being a model is that you have to be strong enough. Castings, fashion directors, managers, and many people involved have no filters and will not hesitate to tell you what they think about you. You have to be grown and strong enough to accept the critics. Most of them will be based on what you look like and on your physique. 

For a young person or someone fragile or naive, this can be very damaging and lead to a self-esteem lack as well as an eating disorder in the worst case. 

You have to detach yourself from the critics and this world to understand that you just are not what they are looking for. The fashion industry is not clever and can be very brutal if you come in with high expectations and the perfect idea you build about it. The reality is sadly different. 

Photo by Zack Jarosz on

Hard job to take: time consuming

One of the clichés we have about modelling jobs and the fashion industry is that it is not a ‘real’ job. We think that it is only about posing, being pretty and being photographed. Also, we have this idea of parties, fashion shows and non-stop events that comes with the ‘job’. 

Actually, modelling is way more than that. A part of it is true, but that is just the visible part. Modelling means to be hired by brands. For that it is a lot of casting to go to, a lot of work to find the right one, in the right place and making sure you fit the demand of brands. Also, it is time consuming to go to a photo shoot and pose for several hours. We do not have to talk about the discomfort of some poses, clothes and so on. 

There is a huge competition in the industry, and you have to make sure to be at the right place at the right time. It also means that you always have to be the best version of yourself, to spend hours waiting, walking, posing and standing. From early in the morning to late at night. Because yes, models go to some parties, but that is to be seen and hired by some fashion influent actors such as directors, creative people and so on. There are a lot of public appearances and relationships. Most of the time models have agents, but they have to be really good and sometimes do more to succeed in this industry. 

Photo by fauxels on

A lot of investments and efforts 

The fashion industry is a fastgrowing and moving industry. Trends come and go really quickly. And so models do! To be always desirable and fit in the old school and ridiculous criterias of the industry, you have to work on your body. Because yes, modelling is just a physique job. You are getting paid for your body and what you look like. It is all about image. But this image needs to be constant and always perfect, no matter the season. That is why it is a lot of investment in yourself. 

Models usually spend a lot of time at the gym, to work out and keep their body in a good shape. Also, they spend a lot of money on food to get you the best things possible. Finally, you have to invest money and time on self care, skin care routines and so on. It is important to take care of your health, your body and everything. 

More than just a ‘physical investment’, modelling is a financial, and expensive job as well. Taking care of yourself is quite expensive. Plus, most of the modelling jobs are in the Big 4 (New York, London, Paris, Milan). These fashion capitals are expensive and you need a big budget to afford to live there. You also have to pay for your travels, clothes and more. You spend a lot of time on casting and trying to get a job but sometimes you will not get one. So the ratio of time spent trying versus the salary you get from a job can easily be not worthy or enough to live on.

That is why, most models struggle to pay for everything and usually do modelling as part of another job or as a second option, while working part time for a company and being employed. 

@devonlevesque on Instagram, working out
@vogue on YouTube, “Top Model Ludwig Wilsdorff Gets Runway Ready”, Dairy of a Model

Models are bodies and physicals 

As we previously explained, being a model means being judged on your physics. This is a job you can get only for what you look like and your image. There is no real chance for you to show chat you are capable of, your thoughts or your other skills. 

The industry is still closed and far behind when it comes to inclusivity and body diversity which can also be problematic. There are some features and body types more liked than others such as ‘unique’ bodies (vitiligo, spaced-apart teeth, large foreheads, etc.). These body features make it easier to get into the job and the fashion world. Otherwise, models are being judged and recruited on the basis of height, weight, sizes criterias and even though you look great or you are really charismatic / photogenic, it will be really hard to get into it. 

Modelling is an old-school job, in the sense that you are completely judged and recruited on what you look like and on the basis of old and very restrictive criterias. If you think you can get a chance because you are naturally photogenic and at ease with cameras, it will help you but not be sufficient to get into the fashion models world. 

Vogue on YouTube, “9 Models on the Pressure to Lose Weight and Body Image”, The Models

Supermodels not super naturals

Supermodels are the one we think of when talking about fashion. Naomi Campbell, the Hadid sisters and many more. But these supermodels are famous and very bankable. Before getting there, as a normal human being, there is a lot of work and investments as we said. Also, having contacts in the industry helps a lot as well as being already a bit famous. 

Supermodels, if you look closer, are the only one walking during fashion weeks, they are the one we see everywhere and most of them are brand representatives. Which means, there is not that much space and opportunities for new entrants. 

However, they can be a source of inspiration, from their career, to look at performing at work. You can learn how to pose, to walk and more just by looking at what they do. For inspiration they are great. But there are some points you should be aware of and keep in mind to not idolise them completely. The major point is that they are not natural. Yes, sorry to disappoint you but most of them stopped at the surgery step at least once. From Bella Hadid to others. Another point is that they work-out very hard to keep their body and they also are constrained by the efforts we listed before. It means they also invest a lot of time, effort and money on their body to look like what you can see. 

Finally, let’s not forget the Photoshop process of the content created with these celebrities. From photos to videos and social media content. Every appearance or use of their images is modified and ‘improved’. Even plus curved models have a specific plan, schedule, diet, work-out routine to follow. 

We know that the industry is trying to be more authentic. But the change is very slow and the majority of supermodels are not as real as you can be. Do not take their public image and what the world can see as the truth and their real life. You cannot know someone until you have not talked to this person. 

@vogue on Instagram
@vogue on Instagram

True Beauty

Being a model is not just a dream and an easy job to get. It is not meant for everyone and can be very damaging if you are not prepared or strong enough for the vicious industry. 

True and real beauty is about authenticity and yourself. You do not need to be a model to be amazing as well as it is not because you are wonderful that you need to be a model. 

If you consider a career in modelling and in the fashion industry, you need to be aware and prepared before starting to build it and putting some effort into it. We really hope this article has helped you if you were questioning yourself or just gave you some insight of what the fashion industry truly is. Even though times are changing and flying by, it is still a far behind industry and not really healthy. Modelling is not just about fun and not working, it is hard, vicious and requires you to put a lot of your energy into it. 

However, we still like fashion and the creativity around it. We are always happy and excited when we see brands trying to change that and taking the lead to a better future and an improvement of the industry. 

Vogue on YouTube, “8 Models on the Realities of Modeling Today”, The Models

Heat Wave Summer TIPS


How to save you from sweating while keeping an outstanding fashion style. 


Summer is not done yet and we are all struggling with the heat wave. Yes it is bloody hot outside and sunny. But you know what? We have some TIPS for you. Whether you need to go to work, you are on holiday or you just want to look good while going out, we have some ideas. We collected TIPS and options to brave this heat wave and keep an outstanding fashion style this summer. 

We have thought about this article after publishing the Summer Tips one. Instead of giving you some advice on items and pieces you should get, we thought this article would be more on what to do or not to brave the heat and the sun. A few tips on what you can do without buying anything. Just things to think of before going out. 



First thing first, let’s start with the visible part of your outfit. As you may already know, dark colours have this tendency to warm up and make you feel really hot. While on a heat wave, that is not really convenient. In fact, dark colours tend to absorb the warmth, the sun rays and light. That is why you feel hotter. 

Instead wearing bright colours would make you feel better and less suffering from the weather. Bright colours, such as white, beige, pastels and so on, will reflect the light and sun rays which result in a reduced sensation of warmth. 


Summer outfits combo 🏄‍♀️ One has been posted and the others are coming soon #fypシ #fyp #summeroutfitinspo #outfitinspo #fashion #fashionmen

♬ Freed From Desire – Gala
@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram

Light and soft fabrics

Then, not only the colours are essentials to consider before going out during a heat wave. The type of fabric also plays a huge part in the comfort sensation provided by clothes. During summer time, emphasise on light and soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk. This kind of floating fabrics. By being lighter and softer, you won’t suffer from wearing something and will have the impression of not wearing anything. 

@alexroch_ on Instagram

Light and soft garments

We have just talked about the fabrics, and which ones are the best on a heat wave. Now we want to focus more on the clothes and what is best in the summer. First of all, you need to be protected from UV rays. We tend to believe that during the summer we should barely wear clothes and hang around shirtless or in swimsuits. That is a mistake. Simply because you would expose your skin to the harmful sunrays and UVs which will result in sunburns, insolation and in the worst case: cancer. 

When going out on a heat wave, try to wear light clothes but wear something. A tee-shirt and a pair of shorts could do the job. A light linen pair of pants combines with a linen short sleeve shirt. Many options. 

Tank tops are back and really trendy, both for men and women. As we said in a previous article, you have many ways to look fashionable in the summer. Combining shirts and shorts of light pants could make you look good, protect you and still be light and not be problematic. 


Head Protections

When it is hot outside and the sun is shining all day long, we need protection. Protect your body with clothes but do not forget your head! We do not want to get a sunstroke or worse. That is the reason why you should consider wearing a hat. During a heat wave it will protect your head from the sun as well as your face and it is a sort of face shadow that you can bring with you anywhere. 

Plus, it gives a fashionable and a fantastic final touch to an outfit. Hats are great protectors but also accessories to consider.

@mrmarcomark on Instagram
@uniqlo on Instagram
@abdel.amh on Instagram


Who said sunscreens were only used at the beach??? Honestly, dermatologists and other doctors will tell you: apply sunscreen on a daily basis. You should add it to your daily skincare routine. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the damaging effect of the sunrays. It will also avoid getting burnt by them. Finally, by protecting your skin, you will avoid the acceleration effect of the sun. Which will result in a younger skin. You will look good, have a great skin tone and tan. 

It is not because you put sunscreen on your skin that you will not tan! That is fake news! You will definitely tan. Most of all, you will reduce the bad effects of the sunrays. Also, not being red at the end of the day is definitely a good thing! Who wants to look like a tomato? 



Summer, Heat Wave and blue sky. Yes, this could be a short description of what is currently going on. We can see it. But for how long? 

The sun can be damaging for your eyes. Moreover, if you have blue eyes, you know how sensitive you can be to light colours, to the sun and so on. 

That is the reason why it is important to wear sunglasses during summer and when it is sunny outside. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UVs and the aggression by the sun. 

Still not convinced? Okay, well, we have to tell you how fashionable and iconic a pair of sunglasses can be. Yes, they are a great way to protect yourself but also to be good looking at all times. Like a hat. You have so many options of shapes, colours and style of sunglasses. And if you take care of them, you can get multiple pairs of them and  just switch depending on what you are wearing and what look you want to get. 

@versace on Instagram, sunglasses idea
@casoperdido on Instagram, @SunglassHut


On top of that, we have some health related advice. Drink water!!! 

During a summer heat wave, it is important to drink water and stay hydrated. It is not necessary to drink cold water. Temperate water is better. It is said that you will have a better absorption of the sodium and also it will require less energy and effort for your body to digest it. Which can result in a reduced warm effect. 

Water is also present in many fruits and vegetables. Eat lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon and so on. Fruits and veggies are full of water, and they are good for your health as well (eat your greens! 5 a day). By doing so, you can include more water easily on a daily basis as well as being in good health thanks to the veggies. 

Lastly, we know and understand that a beer can be refreshing or wine. Cocktails and summer are synonyms. But alcohol tends to dehydrate and can be dangerous during a heat wave. You can, of course, drink whatever you like, but please make sure to also drink water to stay hydrated. This is important for you and to brave the heat.  

Fashion and water? Yes, we can write some lines about it. You can carry water everywhere without looking stupid or ruining a great outfit. How? Simple by carrying a bottle of water in a bag with you. The bag will be your accessory and the final touch of your global look. It will have a differential touch while being useful to carry the essential and water. During summer, you can opt for totes, which are amazing by their sizes, their weight and lightness. 

@yanistyli on Instagram, Idea of a summer bag to cary your bottle of water

Outside is the enemy

Finally, do not forget that on a heat wave in the summer, going out and being outside can be dangerous. When it is very hot, it is highly recommended to stay inside and in cooled places. Try to minimise your excursion. If you need to go out, try to stay in the shadows and in areas protected from the sun. Also, protect yourself. 

Then, if possible, stay in cooled places, with the air conditioning. Take news from your loved one and take care of the most vulnerable. 


During summer and especially during a heat wave, it is important to be careful. Do not overestimate yourself and your capacities to resist the weather. We are not invincible. That is why it is important to protect ourselves and others. 

These TIPS we just provided are some advice to make sure to stay safe and to help you face this period of the year. We want to stay safe and to give you all the tools and knowledge to stay in good conditions.

Global warming is happening. It takes a lot of time and effort to face and try to change or at least, stop it.  With these previous simple TIPS, we can reduce its effects on us and get prepared. Of course, we have to continue to fight against it, but we tried to provide you with some clues to make sure you are okay at a minimum cost and ecological impact. You do not need to buy anything, just make sure to adopt the right behaviour. 

Have fun, enjoy your summer and stay safe! 

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Listen to Granny & Gramps


Fashion lessons from the oldest generation!


Fashion is not a question of age. It is a question of style and a bit of confidence. When Granny and Gramps tell you something, you better listen. And when it comes to fashion, we found some elderly people who know what they are talking about. 

We have heard so many stories from our grandparents and older persons. Some say that elderly people are wise people. You should listen to what they say and probably take notes. They are an amazing source of advice, and they know what they are talking about.

Why is that? Just because of the experience they have and because they probably tried things before you and can help you with the issue. 

Also, another good thing with old people is that they judge less and tend to be there for you. They will probably not try to educate you as your parents would do, but instead they will just enjoy your company and find someone to talk to and listen to. The perfect match if you need a piece of advice or just need to talk. 

As grandparents are a source of joy and the best teacher of life that we know, we decided to dedicate this article to some fantastic and stylish people. Because yes, it is not because you are getting older that you cannot be fashionable, good looking and SWAG. 

Just have a look at them, you will understand and maybe find some inspiration. Sit, listen and take notes:


Corinne Warner

Let’s begin with the inspiring Corinne Warner. The 91 years old woman is an old fashion lover. Her style grew up through the years, as the trends and fashion evolved. She gets her inspiration in fashion from art and creativity. One of the best lessons to get from this wonderful woman is to always be yourself and not forget who you really are. 

Authenticity and creativity are at the principle of her fashion style. 

@corinnewarner90 on Instagram
@corinnewarner90 on Instagram
@corinnewarner90 on Instagram

If you understood the assignment and her style, you must have seen the art surrounding the picture and running into her blood. Her fashion style is iconic, original and inspiring. She masters the art of layering. As a piece of art, she plays with colours, shapes, and designs. 

We love Corinne and how gorgeous she is. 


Helen Vanwinkle Honey

Icon we said? Okay so let’s keep going and show the worldwide internet superstar: BaddieWinkle aka Helen. The 94 years old woman is mainly known for her strong conviction, amazing sense of humour and also her fashion style. You probably know her or have heard of Helen since she is very famous. Followed by Rihanna or Kendrick Lamar, the nonagenarian baddie is Instagram certified and followed by more than 3 million people on the platform. 

Just observe and enjoy:

@baddiewwinkle on Instagram
@baddiewwinkle on Instagram
@baddiewwinkle on Instagram

Rebellious, adventurous and colourful. Helen and her fashion style are just the perfect definition of what life should be. She seems free, happy and having fun. She is the granny we have all wanted and dreamt about.

We would die to spend a day with her. 


Lyn Slater

Accidental Icon, that is how Lyn Slater calls herself. Why? Because she went viral and became quite popular after being photographed “by accident” during the New York Fashion Week. At this time she was a social worker and professor. This was a sort of change in her career and life. She quickly focused on content creation and showing her amazing fashion style she always had and this made her go viral and famous on Instagram. 

Lyn is more into being yourself, changing and moving through boundaries. She is against stereotypes and she is for change. Such an  inspiring woman with strong convictions. 

@iconaccidental on Instagram
@iconaccidental on Instagram
@iconaccidental on Instagram

Fun, Free and Good looking. Lyn is definitely a stylish 65 years old woman. The kind of woman you want to be seen with and associated with. On top of that, she is a great writer and we really encourage you to go to her Instagram account, contemplate her pictures, style and read the caption of every single post. Also, check out her website

She gives advice, writes about things she learnt and experienced and this gives us some insights about life, about our behaviours and can help us grow. Do not miss it! 


Alojz Abram – aka – Jaadiee – aka – Jannik’s Gramps 

Gramps is ending our article. The best dressed Man on earth. The Gramps who is smashing it. Yes, the famous 76 years old grampa is one of the few men being such a fashion icon. He became famous thanks to his grandson: Jannik, also the manager of the Instagram account and his personal photographer.  According to Jannik, Gramps (as he is famous as) always loved street style and fashion. He saw his grampa’s interest grow and diversify. This launched the fame and beginning of his Instagram career. From a pic on the platform to the best fashion shows and events, Gramps has nothing to be afraid of. 

Just look at him, he will tell you how to improve your style:

@jaadiee on Instagram
@jaadiee on Instagram
@jaadiee on Instagram

For sure, he is a great source of inspiration. His style could be adopted by all of us, and we should take him as a great inspiration and example in the fashion universe. He mixes fabrics, colours, exclusive items and knows how to do layering. Also, have you noticed all the details and the accessories, they make it all, as we previously explained 😉

Take advantage of going to his Instagram to check Jannick’s one, it’s also worth it. 


As you have seen, read about and observed Granny and Grampa can teach you much more than just life lessons. From creativity, to inspiration, art, wellbeing and self-esteem, they are just amazing. Age is just a number; style: an attitude. 

Fashion is not dedicated to young tall and thin people. Fashion is about who you are and what you want to be. Fashion is everything and it never ends. Do not stop dreaming, trying and being yourself. These people are an amazing example of it. If you hate old people We hope they have changed your behaviour! 

Photo by Edu Carvalho on

Emerging and Developing Fashion Brands


Growing and Emerging fashion players: shortlist of Brands to keep an eye on


This Friday’s article will be about some emerging and developing fashion brands. As we know, fashion is a really competitive industry with many different brands, players and actors. Brands are fighting to get as much visibility and fame as possible and the biggest players of the industry are still winning the game. 

To change a bit and not focus on them, we decided to write about smaller brands, acting on another scale but as talented and promising as big maisons. Whether they took part in some fashion shows or not, they are quite interesting to talk about and to keep in mind. 

This article will mainly be a shortlist of brands that we find promising and interesting to keep an eye on. It is not about very new brands and new players, but those who are in a current expansion and recognition. 

Alright, let’s get started! 



BLUEMARBLE is a french brand. The label was created in 2019 by Anthony Alvarez Graff. The brand is specialised in menswear. 

@bluemarble on Instagram

The essence of the collections and the brand is all about individual and singularities. These lead to a colourful palette, different fabrics and prints as well as models. A mix of different elements making it interesting and enjoyable to play with. 

BLUEMARBLE is, in a way, a sort of a dream-alive and nostalgic brand. What we mean is regarding the collections’ designs, you can feel or think about it. It is not just clothes. Garments are inspiring and give us some insights or bring back some memories. 

@bluemarble on Instagram

What we also like about the brand is that it plays with shapes and sizes on top of patterns and colours. You can definitely pay with the items and create very different looks. Even with the older collections which are not old dated and “not trendy anymore”. This can be a first step towards sustainability. But back to the collections, the possibility to have fun, mix and play with clothes make even more BLUEMARBLE, a dream-alive brand. 

BLUEMARBLE PARIS on YouTube, Printemps / Été 2023 colelction (SS23)

As a result, we have a quite young and emerging brand, very promising and we are looking forward to upcoming collections. 



CASABLANCA is also a french designer fashion brand. Created in 2018 by Charaf Tajer, the brand is more about relaxed but high-quality and good looking clothing. It started with menswear and then developed and now is also offering womenswear. 

@casablancabrand on Instagram

The brands have obvious inspiration from Morocco and Paris, but also a cosmopolitan influence. From the colours to the fabrics used and the shapes, we can easily identify some worldwide references and inspiration. 

CASABLANCA offers high-quality fabrics but in a relaxed and comfortable design. It is about being comfortable and feeling good in great garments. 

@casablancabrand on Instagram

What we like about this brand is that you feel like you are a prince wearing it. The colours are fantastic, the shapes and designs elegant and sophisticated as well as the high-quality of the fabrics. Finally the shapes of the bags and accessories can turn a look from basic to iconic. 

We love how inspiring it is. You can express yourself in a comfy way while being so well dressed and unique. 

Casablanca Paris on YouTube, Futuro Optimisto, Printemps-Été 2023 collection (SS23)

The brand is becoming well known in the fashion world. It won some LVMH prizes back in 2020, and Charaf Tajer is quite an interesting entrepreneur and businessman. 

From culture to open-mindedness and positivism, this brand has everything it needs to succeed and continue its massive development. 



DenzilPatrick is a British brand, born in London in 2021. The young Menswear English label was created by Daniel Gayle. At the essence of the brand, there is an attempt to sustainability and being conscious of the influence of fashion on our planet, as well as an inclusive and diversity idea behind the collections. 

The brand works with big to small-scale companies, making sure to be socially responsible and giving a particular attention to the wellbeing, pay and respect of its partners. It also tries to reduce its ecological footprint thanks to recycling and getting fabrics from the surplus of some producers, but also using renewable energies, reducing packaging and more. The brand is putting a lot of effort into being more socially and environmentally responsible. 

@visualtales on Instagram showing the DenzilPatrick SS23 Collection

From a collection point of view, the efforts can also be seen. Inclusive, daring and creative collections. The Spring/Summer 2023 (SS23) collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week, is colourful and gives us material to think about. 

@visualtales on Instagram showing the DenzilPatrick SS23 Collection

According to the creator and the brand’s managers, this collection was a return to the past and to being a 16 years old teenager. It was about feeling things once again as if it was the first time, and getting the same experience we had back in a day. The collection is also inspired by school uniforms and is definitely a reconsideration of what masculinity could mean. With skirts, colours, unique patterns, the garments of the show is inspiring and gives us this need to try on and live the experience.

@denzilpatrick on Instagram

There are not a lot of looks in the collection but they all are inspiring and an open door to experiencing new things and pushing your limits. It is about being who you really want to be or who you would like to be. The collection and the brand give us a real opportunity to come to life with our imagined self or who we dreamt of being. 

That is what we like about this brand and their latest collection: the possibilities and opportunities to dare and try. Also the nostalgia and the chance you can get to take your revenge on the world as a grown person. 

It plays with masculinity and what a man is, by designing and offering skirts for Men. We enjoy this “rules break” and abortion of principles. Why could men not wear whatever they want? 


Many more emerging brands to follow

Today we came up with three brands to keep an eye on and to follow into the fashion world. They all are quite young and have many more to offer. From the viral once as Casablanca or the new entrants as DenzilPatrick, they offer an inspiring and creative universe we enjoy so much. 

There are many brands and designers that we could talk about. A lot of them are really creative, and they offer a large range of new items and disruptive collections. We cannot talk about all of them, but we surely will write another article about exciting and promising emerging brands. 

As for now, if you want to discover more designers and labels, we highly recommend having a look at the fashion events organised worldwide. These events are not only for the biggest players of the industry. They also are a chance for the beginners and new entrants to build a community and a name in the fashion world. You can discover brands here but also by being curious and trying to get who is taking part in fashion weeks and events. Also, through many influencers and artists, you can discover brands. Many ways to get new insights. 

Creativity and discoveries never stop. Be curious and happy, that is all we can wish for!

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Focus on: Colors * Studios


Colors x Studios

When Music, Artists and Aesthetics combine all together. 

A minimalistic stage & talented artists for an aesthetic music platform. This is Colors. The Music platform aims to promote artists from all around the world. A simple credo: “All colors, no genres”. But let’s get more into the details of this music platform. 


Beginnings and Concept of Colors

2016: Colors is born. The music platform known as Colors, ColorsxStudios or ColorsShow come from Germany. It was created and launched in 2016 as a performance music platform. The aim was to promote and showcase in videos emerging artists of the music industry, in a minimalistic and aesthetic way. 

Emilio Mercuri – Sienna. First video on the Colors Show YouTube channel

Since 2016, the concept and music platform have grown up and evolved. From a small and cracked studio to an international concept competing with the biggest player in the emerging music platforms such as TinyDesk. 

@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Expression and Different content on the Platform: discoveries

Colors is a concept of YouTube music videos. In fact, the company has developed itself since 2016. Starting as a unique aesthetic platform, to an online shop, a website opened to editorials and interviews as well as a discovery channel for the international music fans. 


Music = Colors

First of all, Colors is about music. If we look closer to the founders goals and intentions when creating this platform, music was the starting point and heart of the project. It is all about promoting and making people discover talented artists from all around the world and showcasing their original sounds. 

Alicia Keys feat. SiR, Three Hour Drive, A Colors Show
Nathalie Greffel, O sol te faria bem, A Colors Show
Sofiane, Windsor, A Colors Show

Strong Visual Identity

Around this main big idea, there are a concept and a strong visual identity. Colors, as we just said earlier, is an aesthetic music platform. The context and ‘stage’ in which videos are produced, are minimalistic and saturated. Simple background, no decoration, no artifices. Just the artists in the middle of an empty room painted of only one color. The creators of Colors wanted to put the emphasis on the artists, the music and the universe attached to it instead of the visual and decoration of the set. It is all about music and being focused on what is happening. No distractions, just an artist getting the opportunity to perform. 

Lous and the Yakuza, Solo, A Colors Encore


Colors is about diversity and a culture/genres mix which make the platform special, unique and amazing. The concept developed is not just about music but also about what people have to say and want to say. Through the studio set and the minimalistic stage, the message broadcasted during performances is more powerful and impactful. No distraction means better listening and understanding. 

Doja Cat, Juicy, A Colors Show

For many artists, Colors is a way to get to be known and discovered on a worldwide scale. Thanks to YouTube and its global presence, artists from all over the globe can perform on only one platform and get visibility. Discoveries never end. 

Angèle, Perdus, A Colors Show

All performances are supposed to be live. We want to clarify that we only suppose and cannot prove it. Yet, the set reminds us of a music studio and if we listen carefully to it, we can hear the difference between a recorded song from an artist and its Colors performance. As ColorsxStudios is named, they want to provide a sort of calmer and studio version of some songs and artists’ creations, creating more intimacy, calm and a good vibe. 

SCH, Loup Noir, A Colors Show


Colors made it getting a strong and impactful visual identity and unique personality as a brand and concept. Visually speaking, it is easy to recognize and remember, as well as musically, the vibes, sounds, and voices are amazing. As a result, we must admit that they have worked with our senses and well developed it. They are addressing their projects to our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste & touch through the colors, the music, the universe around, the choice of the artists and the different origins and cultures. We cannot be indifferent when watching a performance. 

Rincon Sapiência, Mundo Manicongo, A Colors Show
@colorsxstudios on Instagram,
Lido Pimienta, Nada, A Colors Show


But then, if we go further, we identified a specific detail which participates in making it such a great thing. Fashion. As a fashion online media, we had to talk about it. That was, in fact, our main objective when writing down and choosing ColorsxStudios. We wanted to explore and make some research about the contribution of fashion in the renown and fame of this platform. 

Colors is not just promoting artists, it promotes brands and designers as well. The most obvious proof is the different brands collaborations and partnerships they have. New Balance, Burberry and some local and small artists. Always in the objective of being discovered, known and also a way to get a high-quality image for the platform and a link to a new target and market for brands.

@colorsxstudios on Instgram, Colors and New Balance collab
@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Artist Collab: @erickarcelliott on Instagram
@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Burberry Collab

So, first of all, each artist is assigned a color for their performance. This element will be the background and the set of the video. But along with this unique color and the spotlight put on the artist during the show, there is a strong element making these ColorsShow contents amazing: the outfits and fashion styles of the artists. They all are performing in high fashion garments, wearing quality, originals and flattering fabrics. 

Mayra Andrade, Tan Kalakatan, A Colors Show

Fashion is included in the performance as a way to focus and only look at the artist. It is the light of a theater scene. Clothes are also a way for the artist to express themselves and to transmit their messages. Since ColorsxStudios is quite open and really into diversity and exploration, fashion is the same. Every artist has a unique and personal style. Even though the backgrounds and colors can be very simple and remain globally the same for everyone, Fashion is a differentiation tool to use. 

Brandy, Rather Be, A Colors Show

Contributions of Fashion in the Colors’ Visual Identity

As we said in a previous article, fashion can help people with their identity construction. It can also be a way to differentiate yourself by being unique. You can be whoever you want to be, and what you are wearing can help you define yourself. Well, with Colors we have the perfect example of that. 

Liniker, Presente, A Colors Show

Thanks to fashion and clothes, artists performing in this minimalist set, are expressing their identity, messages, and making sure people will look at them. Fashion is an interest catcher and a reminder to the general public. If you do not remember the name of the artist or the song, you will probably remember the outfit this person was wearing or the color that was  associated with it. 

Tierra Whack, Unemployed, A Colors Show

As a result, very different fashion styles worn by multiple talented artists contribute to the fame and success of the music platform. Colors have also chosen to develop and work on this advantage by launching their own collection. On their website, you can access an online shop and buy some articles made out of organic cottons. 

@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Clothing collection of Colors
Sudan Archives, Iceland Moss, A Colors Show


As you may have read today, ColorsxStudios are not just a music platform or a YouTube channel. It is also, not just a playlist on Spotify and a place to go for artists. It is a stage of expression and freedom. A safe and calm place to be heard and tell your story. An online minimalistic show where you can make sure to be seen and known. It is also a great chance to create a strong brand and personal identity, through your presentation, performance and fashion style on the set. Details make the Colors what they are. 

Billie Eilish, Watch, A Colors Show
Non classé

Haute Couture: a far behind industry


Focus on the Haute Couture industry, evolution or delay?


Fashion brands and Maisons have recently presented their Haute Couture collection for the upcoming seasons. As we were amazed by the beauty, creativity and knowledge of Haute Couture, we were a bit disappointed. In fact, we wanted to discuss it in an article and to reflect on the evolution of this part of the fashion industry. 

Haute Couture is by principle, a high quality and standard part of the fashion industry. It is a sort of scarce and limited part of the industry. Unless you are rich and you have to attend a special event, Haute Couture is not accessible or a thing to think about in a normal and daily life. 

In another article we wrote about Haute Couture, we explained why this part of the industry is closed and limited. By definition Haute Couture is high-quality creations, hand made and most of the time, a single item. It is not ready to wear or adapted to every occasion. Its rarity and the quality of the fabric used, complexity of the designs and the craftsmanship behind each piece makes it really expensive. For fashion brands it is a way to prove what they are really capable of. It is a sort of image show and brands reputation proof. 

But recently, Haute Couture has been missing a point. INCLUSIVITY? What happened to humans in fashion? Where are they? Haute Couture Week and shows were “all about traditional elitism” as Angelo Flaccavento wrote in a BOF article. Unfortunately, we have to agree with that. 

As we said in the Recap of the Haute Couture Week, only a few brands tried to be inclusive and keep going on this opening to the real human world. Despite efforts and references, catwalks were mostly white, thin, tall girls walking in past references of haute couture brands. 

We are still looking after more inclusivity, more cosmopolitan shows. But most of all, where have Men been? They seem to have disappeared after the Menswear fashion week a few days ago. 

Only a few brands have shown items and pieces for men in their private collections and none of the brands have represented men as they really are in terms of body type and inclusivity codes. 



Balenciaga have shown men and quite a lot during the Haute Couture collection presentation.

@visualtales on Instagram, Balenciaga collection
Balenciaga Haute Couture show on YouTube

Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier as well, laying with gender, clothes and humour. Making the move a bit stronger and bringing in more effort to the evolution of the industry.

@jeanpaulgaultier on Instagram, Haute Couture collection
Jean Paul Gaultier fashion Haute Coututre show on YouTube
@visualtales on Instagram, Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture collection


Valentino, during their spectacular fashion show in Rome, presented a couture collection with many items for men. Also, they were one of the very few brands trying to show different women’s body types. Also, they were probably the one with the most cultural diversity in terms of choice of the models. 

@maisonvalentino on Instagram, Haute Couture collection
@visualtales on Instagram, Maison Valentino Haute Couture collection
@visualtales on Instagram, Maison Valentino Haute Couture collection
Valentino Haute Couture collection on YouTube

Valentino has made a big effort and is one of the examples of the evolution and trail to improvement of fashion brands to a more inclusive and representative industry. Models of different body types, races, ages but still the same narrative for men, sadly. 


Haute Couture industry is not only these brands.

On the other hand, more traditional brands and older ones have presented a collection of references to the past. On the paper it does not look bad or seem a bad idea, however, these references in the designs and collections were linked to the physical representation of the collection. As a result, models were a good reminder of the old days of fashion, and not inclusive at all. We lost the essence of modernity, and we are still looking for it. 

Bazaar YouTube video: Best of the haute couture fashion shows: autumn / winter 2022

Once again, these shows and fashion events have proven the lack of inclusivity and diversity in the industry. The luxury industry and fashion world are still far behind and need to evolve quickly to always get customers’ interest. Men are still under-represented in the industry and not taken seriously even though the market shares are growing. On the other hand, women are still struggling to be a minimum represented in the industry, despite some effort put in place. 

Brands trying to be always inclusive and down to earth show biggest creative interest and get a positive image from the public. Just look at Valentino, Balenciaga or Jacquemus. These brands try to be more inclusive and represent diversity over their shows and collections. As a result, they are loved and admired. They also go viral and are taken into example. If we have a look at the latest fashion shows and events, they are the ones who differentiate themselves and get the most publicity. 

@jacquemus on Instagram

For example Valentino got a standing ovation after their Haute Couture show in Rome. People congratulated the show and collection but also it was thanks to the diversity of the models which gave the show another dimension. Even Anna Wintour stood up to applause. 

The Fashion Buff on YouTube, video showing Anna Wintour at the end of the Valentino Haute Couture collection

Inclusivity and diversity are not just a tool or a trend for brands to be successful. It affects every part of the fashion industry and is a representation of today’s society and people’s values. Brands need to change and evolve if they want to keep going and remain successful. Being taken into consideration, feeling understood and listening, is crucial for customers. It is not only a luxury thing but more of a society consciousness and that is one of the reasons why brands and the whole industry have to work on that. 


Focus on: Kim Kardashian

From: Adityaraj Kadam on Flickr, uploaded on June 2022. Kim Kardashian

Is she becoming a Fashion Icon?


Kim Kardashian has always been popular, ultra-mediatised and followed by many people online. She is the one who was THE celebrity of the last Haute Couture Week and all eyes were on her. However, before being that loved from the fashion industry and designers, she went through a long period with a reputation. But let’s discover more about this powerful woman and if we can consider her as a fashion icon. 

Kim Kardashian: the main character of the Paris Haute Couture Week

As we talked about last week, in our article, Kim Kardashian was the surprise celebrity of the last Paris Haute Couture Week. She has been invited to the best and most iconic shows of the season. She literally took off Paris. Let’s not forget about Kris Jenner, her mom, who was with her and most of all, North West, her daughter. 

She was invited to the Balenciaga fashion show. Kim even modelled and walked on the catwalk for the brand and designer. Then she made an amazing appearance at the Jean Paul Gaultier show, wearing an exclusive dress and getting a hug at the end of the show from the designer, Olivier Rousteing. 

@balenciaga on Instagram, Kim Kardashian as a model for the Haute Couture Collection presented in July 2022 in Paris
@kimkardashian on Instagram, Outfit for the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture show

Her last public appearances have been iconic and memorable. We all have seen press titles, Instagram posts or stories about her and what she was wearing. It was so strong that many said she had been overlaid by North during the Paris fashion week. We tend to believe that both the mom and the daughter were complementary and helped each other to be seen and memorable. A fantastic duo. 

@kimkardashian on Instagram, North West and Kim Kardashian during the Paris Haute Couture Week

But before being this “icon” and very liked fashion celebrity, we have to look back in the past. We were wondering, while writing down this article, if Kim Kardashian has always been a fashion credible celebrity. 

Back to the beginning: Kim K from 2007

When her “career” and fame began, Kim Kardashian was 27. It was back in 2007 when her sextape with a former boyfriend was publicly realised. But before that, we saw her in the media. She was known but not a big celebrity and as famous as she is now. Back in the day, before being her own boss, tv reality star and “independent”, she was the personal assistant and stylist of Paris Hilton. The media exposure and public appearance of Paris helped Kim to be seen and noticed. By the way, have you noticed? She was the stylist of Paris Hilton. So we cannot ignore her foot in the fashion industry, back in the day. 

But let’s forget for a second her career and how she made it to be a successful entrepreneur and billionaire. 

@kimkardashian on Instagram

Kim Kardashian fashion style: a complete and complexe strategy

If we go back in time and look at her outfits, what we can observe is a huge evolution. Of course we have to keep in mind the evolution and upgrades of fashion from 2007 until today.

When Kim Kardashian was younger, and until recently, her fashion style was way more focused and centred around her. We think that was part of the “identity” and strategy created. To create a sustainable, solid and long lasting reputation and name, she had to build a full universe around her. Of course the TV realities, scandals, public appearance and every moment of her life was involved and participated into it, but her fashion style has to be in adequation with it as well. Basically, she was wearing clothes that would make her body seen. She has these amazing curves and body lines that she shows up and uses as an advantage. It was a hard work but we know her for that and her b**ty. 

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So if we have a look at the outfits and her general fashion style, she was mainly wearing skinny garments and close-fitting items. Also, she was wearing designers’ collections, but more in a “look at me” goal. It was not really for the quality, design or work but much on the “name” and “tag” effect it has. Everything was enriching the “look at me” effect and “look at my body”. She was trendy, but not as fashionable and iconic as she is now. As we said, the emphasis was on her and her body. 

But through the year, she changed. In terms of identity and strategy. If we look closer, she went from a sexy and hot girl to a successful and hard working woman as well as a happy and caring mom. With this upgrade in her “identity”, she changed her garment and global style. Less centred around her, but more on her vision, life and on values. 

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Current Kim K.

So if we consider her fashion style recently, she is not wearing many colours. Most of the time she is wearing black outfits or nudes colours, very natural and simple. When she is wearing colours, it is more simple, uniform and not mixed with any other extravagant items. She is still trendy and fashionable, but now she is more focused on the quality, the efficiency of the looks than the “buzz effect” back in the days. That can be the reason why, during her public appearance she is still making people fall for her looks but not really talking about her body or how sexy she is. 

@kimkardashian on Instagram
@kimkardashian on Instagram

High quality relationships

Finally, she built a relationship with designers and high quality fashion brands. She is associating herself to some brands and names in fashion that contribute to her renown in the fashion industry: Balenciaga, Jean Paul Gaultier, Mugler… Those big and influential names help her to be more serious, powerful and credible to the fashion industry. 

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@jeanpaulgaultier on Instagram, BTS Kim Kardashian look for the Haute Couture Week in Paris

We saw these relationships through many public appearances and events she took part in. For example, the Met Galas. She has been invited for many years by Anna Wintour to the Met. But she started to make the buzz and to be really taken seriously back in 2019, when she came up wearing the Mugler dress. Since that day, she has been the celebrity we have been waiting for at such an event. It was no longer for her body or to see “her” but more on the fashion meaning and part of it: the outfit and what she would be wearing. 2022 was a good example with the Marilyn Monroe dress.

However, the cherry on the cake was in 2021. For this edition, she came up fully covered in a black Balenciaga outfit. That was the day, officially, people understood the old sulphurous Kim Kardashian was over. We were able to recognise and assimilate this “anonymous” person to Kim Kardashian, for her body, but thanks to the Balenciaga iconic look and shift she took, that was a way to express and revendicate this fashion and higher reputation. Do not look at her body but the meaning of what she is wearing. It was a sort of ending for a chapter and opening for a new one after the event. The sexy and body centred woman is over, let’s move on to the next part. 

@Kkimkardashian on Instagram, posing with Anna Wintour
@kimkardashian on Instagram, at the 2021 Met Gala

Kim Kardashian: The Business Woman

Actually, it was really smart of her. She is the owner of multiple fashion brands, but she is currently working hard and developing the successful brand: SKIM. This inclusive and revolutionary brand helped her gain even more credibility. She is now consolidating her fashion reputation, as well as entrepreneur and “designer”. The quick and huge success of her brand proved that she had an impact on the fashion industry and the always evolving and expanding collections show that she has many more cards to play. 


She has been working with designers and fashion magazines for a long time. She modelled a lot, was part of a lot of fashion events and shows. However, launching her own brand, making her become a billionaire and being such a massive success proved that she has her place in the industry. Of course she used her influence and fame, which is normal when you are a celebrity and public figure. But it is the result of many years of strategy, working hard to get this reputation and building this “Kim Kardashian empire”. 

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Many factors to include in Kim Kardashian’s fashion evolution

Other factors have helped her through her career and fashion ascension. First of all, many people will say that Kanye West, or Yee, is responsible for the glow up and fashion evolution of Kim Kardashian. We do not think it is mainly thanks to him. We believe that he has an undeniable influence on her, but do not forget that at the beginning of their relationship, and even when they got married, she was still the sexy Kim K. However, having kids, the launch of his brands and businesses must have influenced her. Also, being married and together have a consequence on who you become as a person and how you behave. Now that they are divorced and separated, she is still at the top of fashion and he is not helping on that. 

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On the other hand, Kim Kardashian did not build herself solo. She has been helped by her family. Do not forget that she has an influential mother and sisters. Kendall Jenner, her sister, is a model and an important player in the fashion industry (still as a model). Without taking into account the different brands and fashion collaborations her sisters have. This family fashion businesses and influence have helped Kim in her ascension and fashion reputation. 

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@kimkardashian on Instagram, Kendall and Kim

Time, Effort, Details: the secret Kim Kardashian’s recipe

There are many factors and things influencing Kim Kardashian fashion style evolution and change through time. However, we think that she is becoming a fashion icon. It is a long process that requires a lot of time, effort and attention to detail, but she is slowly making her way there. The strategy adopted is quite efficient for now, and we cannot wait to see what is next. 

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Even though we are working and more focusing on men in the industry, we believe that she is an example to keep in mind a great case study for those looking for a strategy or how to be more successful in the fashion industry. She started working on her uniqueness: her body and slowly moved to the value and representation of fashion. The industry and universe it represents can help you build an image and reputation or to say something you want to say. 

Fashion is so big and has so many opportunities that you can be who you want to be and just have fun with clothes.  That is what is amazing about it. So do not forget: have fun and do it! Look at Kim Kardashian and how she built her identity. That is a great source of inspiration or just personal knowledge. 

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