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Focus on: Lewis Hamilton


The famous Formula One athlete is back on the fashion scene

After some time being more discreet in the fashion world and focused on his main activity: formula ONE, the great athlete, Lewis Hamilton is back and he has a lot to share and inspiration to give us. 


Lewis Hamilton who? 

First thing first, who is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis is a British motorsports racing driver competing in Formula One for Mercedes. He is considered by some of his fans and some professionals in this sport as the best driver of his generation. He is described as being very complete, aggressive and serious. 

But well, he may be serious during championships and competitions but between them, he is famous for his jet-set lifestyle and freedom. 

Lewis is used to enjoying his time between races to do whatever he wants to and giving time to other of his passions such as fashion. Polaroids enjoy him and track him worldwide to report on what he is doing between races and two victories. 

However, the same media titles can be brutal. Lewis Hamilton has been the victim of racism several times. He can be the only man of colour performing a race and competing. But instead of listening, he stood for the cause and against racism. He protested for Black Lives Matter for example. He is also active in helping and giving a chance to the under-represented backgrounds kids and students to build and access to a better future. He does not stop in acting for human rights, equalities and diversity. Lewis Hamilton also fights for the climate, for the environment and the animals. He follows a plant-based diet, making him one of the most famous athletes to publicly say it, he also has a plan to be carbon neutral and more. 

More than that, Lewis Hamilton is not only an automobile athlete. He also has a venture in the music industry! He is known as XNDA. He recorded a song with Christina Aguilera. 


Race in Fashion: the Starting Points

The best part that we will explore today: Lewis Hamilton and the Fashion Industry! Because yes, being an athlete does not mean not paying attention to its fashion style. Lewis Hamilton launched a collection in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger during the 2018 New York Fashion Week. He also is an ambassador for a luxury watch company owned by Richemont: IWC.  


Lewis Hamilton victorious in the Fashion World Men’s Cup Competition:

In the Fashion World’s Men’s cup competition, Lewis Hamilton is probably at the top position. The Formula One Athlete is not only the best driver of his generation, he is probably the best dressed and stylish athlete as well. 

From the official public appearances, to his daily life, it is always a pleasure to observe and see what he will be wearing. 

Also, what is amazing is that he does not care about the genres, we saw him wearing skirts and kilts, as well as bright colours. He wears every sort of fabric, plays with shapes, transparency and superposition. He also accessories his outfits and does not hesitate to wear rings and jewellery. His style is more street style inspired and has nice compositions. From red carpets, to the MET or just on daily basis, this is amazing.


A Race or a Strategy? 

Many athletes are investing and getting into fashion. They use their influence, the values of their domain and their message to communicate and unit people around the same visions. This is also a way for them to diversify their audience, the image and appearance. For Lewis Hamilton, it is not to prove how good his fashion style is. He is known as an athlete and racing competitor which means he is brave, free and disruptive as his sport can be. That is what we all assume, and that is on this basis that his identity is built. 

Lewis has a daring fashion style and amazing tastes. 


Back in the Fashion Cup

A few days ago, Lewis Hamilton made his comeback on Instagram as a fashion icon. He published a picture of his outfit showing the world that he is still in the race. A green outfit, perfect for the season and in total accordance with the current trends. 

He also made a comeback on the Valentino scene, with the amazing Zendaya. We saw him on a post by Luxurylaw, posing and dressed in a pink outfit for Valentino. 

He is back on the fashion scene. As if it was a summer break from the automobile competitions, but a new race in fashion. When not competing, he is well dressed. 


What to expect next

As summer is going on, and the world is still alive, we expect to see him even more in the fashion industry. We had the chance to see him attending the Met Gala, fashion shows and being an ambassador for many brands. 

Maybe in the near future we can expect him to partner with another brand to create and launch another collection. We also thought about a brand that Lewis would own by himself and develop, like Cristiano Ronaldo and his CR7 brand. 


Anyways, we are not bored of watching his looks and his fashion evolution and we hope he will keep going this way. An athlete with such an influence, principles and convictions is always a good source of inspiration. Both on a fashion style level and on an ethical and inspirational hero level. 

Let’s wait and see in what race Lewis will get involved next.

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Focus on: Colors * Studios


Colors x Studios

When Music, Artists and Aesthetics combine all together. 

A minimalistic stage & talented artists for an aesthetic music platform. This is Colors. The Music platform aims to promote artists from all around the world. A simple credo: “All colors, no genres”. But let’s get more into the details of this music platform. 


Beginnings and Concept of Colors

2016: Colors is born. The music platform known as Colors, ColorsxStudios or ColorsShow come from Germany. It was created and launched in 2016 as a performance music platform. The aim was to promote and showcase in videos emerging artists of the music industry, in a minimalistic and aesthetic way. 

Emilio Mercuri – Sienna. First video on the Colors Show YouTube channel

Since 2016, the concept and music platform have grown up and evolved. From a small and cracked studio to an international concept competing with the biggest player in the emerging music platforms such as TinyDesk. 

@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Expression and Different content on the Platform: discoveries

Colors is a concept of YouTube music videos. In fact, the company has developed itself since 2016. Starting as a unique aesthetic platform, to an online shop, a website opened to editorials and interviews as well as a discovery channel for the international music fans. 


Music = Colors

First of all, Colors is about music. If we look closer to the founders goals and intentions when creating this platform, music was the starting point and heart of the project. It is all about promoting and making people discover talented artists from all around the world and showcasing their original sounds. 

Alicia Keys feat. SiR, Three Hour Drive, A Colors Show
Nathalie Greffel, O sol te faria bem, A Colors Show
Sofiane, Windsor, A Colors Show

Strong Visual Identity

Around this main big idea, there are a concept and a strong visual identity. Colors, as we just said earlier, is an aesthetic music platform. The context and ‘stage’ in which videos are produced, are minimalistic and saturated. Simple background, no decoration, no artifices. Just the artists in the middle of an empty room painted of only one color. The creators of Colors wanted to put the emphasis on the artists, the music and the universe attached to it instead of the visual and decoration of the set. It is all about music and being focused on what is happening. No distractions, just an artist getting the opportunity to perform. 

Lous and the Yakuza, Solo, A Colors Encore


Colors is about diversity and a culture/genres mix which make the platform special, unique and amazing. The concept developed is not just about music but also about what people have to say and want to say. Through the studio set and the minimalistic stage, the message broadcasted during performances is more powerful and impactful. No distraction means better listening and understanding. 

Doja Cat, Juicy, A Colors Show

For many artists, Colors is a way to get to be known and discovered on a worldwide scale. Thanks to YouTube and its global presence, artists from all over the globe can perform on only one platform and get visibility. Discoveries never end. 

Angèle, Perdus, A Colors Show

All performances are supposed to be live. We want to clarify that we only suppose and cannot prove it. Yet, the set reminds us of a music studio and if we listen carefully to it, we can hear the difference between a recorded song from an artist and its Colors performance. As ColorsxStudios is named, they want to provide a sort of calmer and studio version of some songs and artists’ creations, creating more intimacy, calm and a good vibe. 

SCH, Loup Noir, A Colors Show


Colors made it getting a strong and impactful visual identity and unique personality as a brand and concept. Visually speaking, it is easy to recognize and remember, as well as musically, the vibes, sounds, and voices are amazing. As a result, we must admit that they have worked with our senses and well developed it. They are addressing their projects to our sense of sight, sound, smell, taste & touch through the colors, the music, the universe around, the choice of the artists and the different origins and cultures. We cannot be indifferent when watching a performance. 

Rincon Sapiência, Mundo Manicongo, A Colors Show
@colorsxstudios on Instagram,
Lido Pimienta, Nada, A Colors Show


But then, if we go further, we identified a specific detail which participates in making it such a great thing. Fashion. As a fashion online media, we had to talk about it. That was, in fact, our main objective when writing down and choosing ColorsxStudios. We wanted to explore and make some research about the contribution of fashion in the renown and fame of this platform. 

Colors is not just promoting artists, it promotes brands and designers as well. The most obvious proof is the different brands collaborations and partnerships they have. New Balance, Burberry and some local and small artists. Always in the objective of being discovered, known and also a way to get a high-quality image for the platform and a link to a new target and market for brands.

@colorsxstudios on Instgram, Colors and New Balance collab
@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Artist Collab: @erickarcelliott on Instagram
@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Burberry Collab

So, first of all, each artist is assigned a color for their performance. This element will be the background and the set of the video. But along with this unique color and the spotlight put on the artist during the show, there is a strong element making these ColorsShow contents amazing: the outfits and fashion styles of the artists. They all are performing in high fashion garments, wearing quality, originals and flattering fabrics. 

Mayra Andrade, Tan Kalakatan, A Colors Show

Fashion is included in the performance as a way to focus and only look at the artist. It is the light of a theater scene. Clothes are also a way for the artist to express themselves and to transmit their messages. Since ColorsxStudios is quite open and really into diversity and exploration, fashion is the same. Every artist has a unique and personal style. Even though the backgrounds and colors can be very simple and remain globally the same for everyone, Fashion is a differentiation tool to use. 

Brandy, Rather Be, A Colors Show

Contributions of Fashion in the Colors’ Visual Identity

As we said in a previous article, fashion can help people with their identity construction. It can also be a way to differentiate yourself by being unique. You can be whoever you want to be, and what you are wearing can help you define yourself. Well, with Colors we have the perfect example of that. 

Liniker, Presente, A Colors Show

Thanks to fashion and clothes, artists performing in this minimalist set, are expressing their identity, messages, and making sure people will look at them. Fashion is an interest catcher and a reminder to the general public. If you do not remember the name of the artist or the song, you will probably remember the outfit this person was wearing or the color that was  associated with it. 

Tierra Whack, Unemployed, A Colors Show

As a result, very different fashion styles worn by multiple talented artists contribute to the fame and success of the music platform. Colors have also chosen to develop and work on this advantage by launching their own collection. On their website, you can access an online shop and buy some articles made out of organic cottons. 

@colorsxstudios on Instagram, Clothing collection of Colors
Sudan Archives, Iceland Moss, A Colors Show


As you may have read today, ColorsxStudios are not just a music platform or a YouTube channel. It is also, not just a playlist on Spotify and a place to go for artists. It is a stage of expression and freedom. A safe and calm place to be heard and tell your story. An online minimalistic show where you can make sure to be seen and known. It is also a great chance to create a strong brand and personal identity, through your presentation, performance and fashion style on the set. Details make the Colors what they are. 

Billie Eilish, Watch, A Colors Show
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Focus on: Jacquemus


A personality matching the brand. 

Simon Porte Jacquemus, picture by: Samuel LEHUEDE

The last few years, Jacquemus has experienced a boom and a quick progression in the fashion industry, going from a new and beginning brand to a staple of fashion. The passion of clothes, a different way of operating and creativity have shaped and participated in the success of the brand, but also the personality and behaviour of the designer have highly contributed to it. Let’s dig deeper, and explore more!

@jacquemus on Instagram

The story of the brand, as many, is related to the creator and designer’s one. Simon Porte Jacquemus, born in 1990 in the south of France, went to Paris in 2008 to study fashion. In fact, in 2010, he created his first “collection”, clothes worn by his friends and people he knew during events. That’s the creation and birth of the brand Jacquemus. A lot has happened since there. In 2012, he presented for the first time his collection during the Paris Fashion Week. In 2015, Simon was the winner of the special jury prize at an international fashion competition for young designers: the LVMH prize. 

That’s mainly after 2015 that the brand was officially created and operating. Things became more serious and real for the designer and the brand. 

So now that you had a quick overview of the brand and Simon, we can start talking and analysing a bit more about the strategy they adopted and the progress of the brand. First of all, we might admit that Jacquemus is a creative, disruptive and inspiring fashion brand. It aims to have a different approach to the industry and to do things differently than what has always been done. 

Generally speaking and focusing on the collections, what is surprising is the simplicity of the creations. Jacquemus is not about over-showing or about being seen and extravagant. It is a good example of simple luxury and modest clothing. No big patterns or names written, simple shapes, colours, and designs. That is what makes the brand so well known and liked: the simplicity and its minimalistic aspect. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

What is even more interesting is the way they use proportion and key designs to go viral and make the collection liked. For example, the “chiquitos” bags, or the big hat. Small or huge proportions, still in a simple shape and colours, but the size changes and makes it all. The brand makes it to be original and different by playing with aspects we would not think at first. These items became icon and signature pieces for Jacquemus. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

On the other hand, the clothes and items Jacquemus offered are influenced by the designer’s life and origins. This participates to create a South of France identity and authentic trait to the brand. South of France is known for the summer, the beach, the warmth and lightness of the place and the people. It is a sort of a way of living and mantra. Simon has, for example, presented many collections in the South of France. He also included specific elements to the patterns of the fabrics or to the shape of the clothes, related and in honour of his region.

@jacquemus on YouTube, “Le Coup de Soleil” show
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on YouTube, “La Bomba” show

But limiting Jacquemus to a fashion and cloth brand would be lying and holding the truth. We have talked about creativity and disruption within the industry and how they process. In fact, the brand does not participate in every fashion week organised and has a more limited collection to drop every year. Most of all, they try to not limit themselves to fashion and to explore different universes. As a matter of fact, customers and fans are always waiting for the brand to open some pop up stores or corners with a brand new concept. They did it with flowers some time ago, but also used to open “fashion dispensers’ ‘. This last concept is about places where people can get in, choose an item as they would choose a can or a juice on a food dispenser, pay and then collect their item. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

All of these are viral on social media and it allows the brand to keep this close, fun and positive image they already have. It is also a good way to humanise a brand that tends to be categorised as luxury through its prices. This way, anyone can access it, and that is a chance for anyone to meet Simon and to be actively engaged with the brand and the products. Communication and marketing is kind of mastered by Jacquemus, and this is visible on their social media. We tend to believe that their Instagram account participated to make the brand viral, iconic and that famous. The feed was smartly constructed and thought, as well as the stories. When looking at the account, it mostly sounds like we follow Simon, instead of the brand, which participates by reducing the borders between a non-physical entity and the human-being behind it. Giving attributes to the brand, humanising it and relating the brand to its creator and designer is smart, entertaining and sustainable. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

Another concept related to the origins of Simon, the brand and fashion is the restaurant they opened “Le Citron”. As a fashion brand and designer, operating into the food industry was actually a good move to diversify its playground and keep the DNA of the South of France. Also, it contributes to the experience seeking from the customers and to being different and authentic, as a brand operating in the fashion industry. It helps feeling closer to it and relating to the brand in some ways. 

Jacquemus partnered recently with Nike for the creation of a sneaker collection. They now extend into the footwear industry and try to always catch up with the customers expectations and to bring newness to their main activity. We have seen the design of the collection, and we believe that it will be an enormous success. Let’s wait and see! 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

Now you probably know a bit more about Jacquemus, Simon, their strategy and why we cannot qualify the brand as “classic”. We love their audacity and creativity and we only ask for more. We have never been disappointed so far, and we are looking forward to seeing what is coming next! We hope that you like as much as we do, Jacquemus. 

Jacquemus bucket hat

Behind the Camera: Kito Muñoz

Kito Muñoz, Picture from @urban.hoes on Instagram.

Focus on a Fashion Photographer

Kito Muñoz (@kito.munoz)

We know many fashion designers, brands and magazines. But we do not know much about photographers, people behind the camera and responsible for brands’ identity and visual existence. Through this article you may be discovering Kito Muñoz, a fashion photographer and his impact in the fashion industry. 

Kito Muñoz, is a Paris based artist, originally from Spain. He was born in Cadiz, if we are correct. He is young, talented and creative. He is a photographer, mostly operating within the fashion industry, but also in the music industry and working for magazines. He is not just a photographer, but more a visual artist, playing with images, people, clothes and controversy. 

Kito Muñoz, picture from Palomo Spain on Instagram, @palomospain

Kito works for and with many fashion brands and designers. He collaborates with Maison Margiela for example, Valentino, Maison Soksi and more. Mostly to present and show collections from these brands. It can be only taking pictures as well as shooting some videos and producing content. Just have a look at some of his work for these brands: 

Maison Margiela collaboration, from @kito.munoz on Instagram, by Kito Muñoz
Maison Soksi collaboration, from @kito.munoz on Instagram, by Kito Muñoz
Maison Valentino collaboration, from @kito.munoz on Instagram, by Kito Muñoz
Maison Margiela collaboration, from @maisonmargiela on Instagram, by Kito Muñoz

Apart from fashion designers, he also works for many big magazines, and he has created several pieces of art for them. Yes, our words are strong, but we truly consider taking photographs as an Art and Kito is an artist. Just look at some of his work for magazines. 

Kito Muñoz, for Revue magazine, from @revuemagazine_ on Instagram
Kito Muñoz, for Revue magazine, from @kito.munoz on Instagram
Kito Muñoz, for Dust magazine, from @kito.munoz on Instagram
Kito Muñoz, for Asinth magazine, @asinth_offical on Instagram

He mostly stays into fashion, but he goes from collaborating with brands for the launch of new collections, to fashion magazines and more. He explores everything in the industry and does not stick to one category. We like that, the fact that he is active in many different aspects of his art in this field, and we like to see the result for various clients. 

Yeah, Kito Muñoz has “no limit”, do not be shocked if you see some sexual or political references in his work. Also, humans are nature and beautiful so get prepared to see everything and every body through his work. He is mostly focused on men and their bodies. That is why most of his work shows half naked or completely naked men. Also, sexual offence and references are not a problem for him and this result in suggestive representations. 

If you are not prepared to watch, then scroll to the next passage. 

From Kito Muñoz Instagram @kito.munoz, for Rombaut
From Kito Muñoz Instagram @kito.munoz, for Palomo Spain
From Kito Muñoz Instagram, @kito.munoz, for fuuucking young magazine

He dares, he creates and that is amazing. On his website and his agent website, you can find more explicit content and see naked people. We will not show it here, to not offend our audience, but feel free to click on the link if you are not “shocked” or do not feel uncomfortable watching it. It is not porn but art. 

Finally, he also worked for and with many artists, especially musicians. For example, he worked with Aron Piper for Hercules Universal magazine. 

Photo shoot for Hercules Universal magazine, with Aron Piper, from Kito Muñoz on Instagram @kito.munoz
Video for Hercules Universal magazine, with Aron Piper, from Kito Muñoz on Instagram @kito.munoz
Photo shoot for Hercules Universal magazine, with Aron Piper, from Kito Muñoz on Instagram @kito.munoz

As you have seen and read through this article, Kito Muñoz is a brave and outrageous photographer that we love. We wanted to let you know about him and his work since he is focusing on a part under-represented in fashion: men and their bodies. Yes, you can see everything about men in his art but the final results and his creations are amazing. That can also explain why he is still working in fashion. He knows how to highlight someone or something and he dares to provoc by playing with some society issues. We should keep an eye on him and his future, because we think that it will become brighter and better. 

Kito Muñoz, pictures from @urban.hoes on Instagram

Let’s get inspired by this talented artist and maybe you will read more about someone else soon… 😉