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Fashion models: family business

Fashion models: family business

When the modelling skills are a genetic inheritance Family run businesses are really common. From the construction industry to hotels, restaurants or even big corporations. We all know a family run business. But did you know that even in the modelling scope, this is true! Today’s edition will be about fashion transmitted genes and some … Continue reading Fashion models: family business

Focus on: Kim Kardashian

Focus on: Kim Kardashian From: Adityaraj Kadam on Flickr, uploaded on June 2022. Kim Kardashian Is she becoming a Fashion Icon? Kim Kardashian has always been popular, ultra-mediatised and followed by many people online. She is the one who was THE celebrity of the last Haute Couture Week and all eyes were on her. However, before being that … Continue reading Focus on: Kim Kardashian

Focus on: Jacquemus

A personality matching the brand. Simon Porte Jacquemus, picture by: Samuel LEHUEDE The last few years, Jacquemus has experienced a boom and a quick progression in the fashion industry, going from a new and beginning brand to a staple of fashion. The passion of clothes, a different way of operating and creativity have shaped … Continue reading Focus on: Jacquemus

Måneskin: Fashion Icons

How they play with gender and clothes as a music group and tend to change people's behaviour.  Eurovision, Rotterdam - Netherlands: May 22, 2021. Italy wins.  Last year Eurovision was, as many other events and contests, different from the previous years. No public, sanitary restrictions and COVID playing the first part of the concert.  But … Continue reading Måneskin: Fashion Icons