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Fashion models: family business

Fashion models: family business

When the modelling skills are a genetic inheritance

Family run businesses are really common. From the construction industry to hotels, restaurants or even big corporations. We all know a family run business. But did you know that even in the modelling scope, this is true!

Today’s edition will be about fashion transmitted genes and some very famous models performing as a family.


Hadid Family

Let’s start with the most famous and worldwide known model family: the Hadid’s. They are a whole family of models. From the Mother to the three kids, they all went for this job. Yolanda Hadid, the mother of the clan, started in the Netherlands as a model. Later on, she had three kids: Gigi, Bella and Anwar. The kids followed their mum’s path and became models as well.

Gigi and Bella are one of the most well-known and popular supermodels in the industry. From the catwalks to the cover of famous magazines as Vogue or just as the ambassadors of luxury brands, they are everywhere. Anwar is more discreet compared to his sisters but he is also performing in the same industry.

Some people accused Yolanda of forcing her kids to get into fashion and to serve as a model. This put into consideration the consent and wellbeing of the new Hadid generation. Are they really happy about their career?

@yolanda.hadid on Instagram
@yolanda.hadid on Instagram
@gigihadid on Instagram
@bellahadid on Instagram

Gerber Family

You probably know Kaia, a supermodel, as well. She is the daughter of the famous and international former supermodel: Cindy Crawford. But did you know she had a brother who is also a model. Presley Gerber. He and Kaia are both the children of Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. The famous and iconic 80’s-90’s superstar supermodel can be proud of her success. But did you know that Rande, the father of Kaia and Persely had a modelling career as well? Back in the day, before being referred to as a businessman, he also went into modelling!

Once again, Kaia is more famous than her brother Presley but both are considered as supermodels and they have both signed with model agencies. This family has the genes of modelling and the new generation got the chance to be born in the best circumstances possible.

@kaiagerber on Instagram
@cindycrawford on Instagram
@kaiagerber on Instagram

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, an iconic name for such a personality! The famous supermodel, entrepreneur and British designer had a daughter in 2002: Lila Grace Moss Hack. And guess what? Lila followed the steps of her mother! She recently started her career of modelling and she is doing well. The daughter of the iconic Heroine Chic figure and Calvin Klein ambassador became one as well. We frequently see the daughter and the mum posing together in public appearances.

Lila is also very famous on social media. She has a balanced life between social media and the fashion world. Another proud mum running a family business.

@katemossagency on Instagram
@britishvogue on Instagram
@lilamoss on Instagram

As you may have read, modelling is easier when you are from one of the most famous and recognise family in the fashion industry. Having parents or siblings performing and succeding as models are a real help. But do not forget that it is still a hard job and not quiet one. Do not hesitate to read our previous article about this career. 


Heat Wave Summer TIPS


How to save you from sweating while keeping an outstanding fashion style. 


Summer is not done yet and we are all struggling with the heat wave. Yes it is bloody hot outside and sunny. But you know what? We have some TIPS for you. Whether you need to go to work, you are on holiday or you just want to look good while going out, we have some ideas. We collected TIPS and options to brave this heat wave and keep an outstanding fashion style this summer. 

We have thought about this article after publishing the Summer Tips one. Instead of giving you some advice on items and pieces you should get, we thought this article would be more on what to do or not to brave the heat and the sun. A few tips on what you can do without buying anything. Just things to think of before going out. 



First thing first, let’s start with the visible part of your outfit. As you may already know, dark colours have this tendency to warm up and make you feel really hot. While on a heat wave, that is not really convenient. In fact, dark colours tend to absorb the warmth, the sun rays and light. That is why you feel hotter. 

Instead wearing bright colours would make you feel better and less suffering from the weather. Bright colours, such as white, beige, pastels and so on, will reflect the light and sun rays which result in a reduced sensation of warmth. 


Summer outfits combo 🏄‍♀️ One has been posted and the others are coming soon #fypシ #fyp #summeroutfitinspo #outfitinspo #fashion #fashionmen

♬ Freed From Desire – Gala
@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram

Light and soft fabrics

Then, not only the colours are essentials to consider before going out during a heat wave. The type of fabric also plays a huge part in the comfort sensation provided by clothes. During summer time, emphasise on light and soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk. This kind of floating fabrics. By being lighter and softer, you won’t suffer from wearing something and will have the impression of not wearing anything. 

@alexroch_ on Instagram

Light and soft garments

We have just talked about the fabrics, and which ones are the best on a heat wave. Now we want to focus more on the clothes and what is best in the summer. First of all, you need to be protected from UV rays. We tend to believe that during the summer we should barely wear clothes and hang around shirtless or in swimsuits. That is a mistake. Simply because you would expose your skin to the harmful sunrays and UVs which will result in sunburns, insolation and in the worst case: cancer. 

When going out on a heat wave, try to wear light clothes but wear something. A tee-shirt and a pair of shorts could do the job. A light linen pair of pants combines with a linen short sleeve shirt. Many options. 

Tank tops are back and really trendy, both for men and women. As we said in a previous article, you have many ways to look fashionable in the summer. Combining shirts and shorts of light pants could make you look good, protect you and still be light and not be problematic. 


Head Protections

When it is hot outside and the sun is shining all day long, we need protection. Protect your body with clothes but do not forget your head! We do not want to get a sunstroke or worse. That is the reason why you should consider wearing a hat. During a heat wave it will protect your head from the sun as well as your face and it is a sort of face shadow that you can bring with you anywhere. 

Plus, it gives a fashionable and a fantastic final touch to an outfit. Hats are great protectors but also accessories to consider.

@mrmarcomark on Instagram
@uniqlo on Instagram
@abdel.amh on Instagram


Who said sunscreens were only used at the beach??? Honestly, dermatologists and other doctors will tell you: apply sunscreen on a daily basis. You should add it to your daily skincare routine. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the damaging effect of the sunrays. It will also avoid getting burnt by them. Finally, by protecting your skin, you will avoid the acceleration effect of the sun. Which will result in a younger skin. You will look good, have a great skin tone and tan. 

It is not because you put sunscreen on your skin that you will not tan! That is fake news! You will definitely tan. Most of all, you will reduce the bad effects of the sunrays. Also, not being red at the end of the day is definitely a good thing! Who wants to look like a tomato? 



Summer, Heat Wave and blue sky. Yes, this could be a short description of what is currently going on. We can see it. But for how long? 

The sun can be damaging for your eyes. Moreover, if you have blue eyes, you know how sensitive you can be to light colours, to the sun and so on. 

That is the reason why it is important to wear sunglasses during summer and when it is sunny outside. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UVs and the aggression by the sun. 

Still not convinced? Okay, well, we have to tell you how fashionable and iconic a pair of sunglasses can be. Yes, they are a great way to protect yourself but also to be good looking at all times. Like a hat. You have so many options of shapes, colours and style of sunglasses. And if you take care of them, you can get multiple pairs of them and  just switch depending on what you are wearing and what look you want to get. 

@versace on Instagram, sunglasses idea
@casoperdido on Instagram, @SunglassHut


On top of that, we have some health related advice. Drink water!!! 

During a summer heat wave, it is important to drink water and stay hydrated. It is not necessary to drink cold water. Temperate water is better. It is said that you will have a better absorption of the sodium and also it will require less energy and effort for your body to digest it. Which can result in a reduced warm effect. 

Water is also present in many fruits and vegetables. Eat lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon and so on. Fruits and veggies are full of water, and they are good for your health as well (eat your greens! 5 a day). By doing so, you can include more water easily on a daily basis as well as being in good health thanks to the veggies. 

Lastly, we know and understand that a beer can be refreshing or wine. Cocktails and summer are synonyms. But alcohol tends to dehydrate and can be dangerous during a heat wave. You can, of course, drink whatever you like, but please make sure to also drink water to stay hydrated. This is important for you and to brave the heat.  

Fashion and water? Yes, we can write some lines about it. You can carry water everywhere without looking stupid or ruining a great outfit. How? Simple by carrying a bottle of water in a bag with you. The bag will be your accessory and the final touch of your global look. It will have a differential touch while being useful to carry the essential and water. During summer, you can opt for totes, which are amazing by their sizes, their weight and lightness. 

@yanistyli on Instagram, Idea of a summer bag to cary your bottle of water

Outside is the enemy

Finally, do not forget that on a heat wave in the summer, going out and being outside can be dangerous. When it is very hot, it is highly recommended to stay inside and in cooled places. Try to minimise your excursion. If you need to go out, try to stay in the shadows and in areas protected from the sun. Also, protect yourself. 

Then, if possible, stay in cooled places, with the air conditioning. Take news from your loved one and take care of the most vulnerable. 


During summer and especially during a heat wave, it is important to be careful. Do not overestimate yourself and your capacities to resist the weather. We are not invincible. That is why it is important to protect ourselves and others. 

These TIPS we just provided are some advice to make sure to stay safe and to help you face this period of the year. We want to stay safe and to give you all the tools and knowledge to stay in good conditions.

Global warming is happening. It takes a lot of time and effort to face and try to change or at least, stop it.  With these previous simple TIPS, we can reduce its effects on us and get prepared. Of course, we have to continue to fight against it, but we tried to provide you with some clues to make sure you are okay at a minimum cost and ecological impact. You do not need to buy anything, just make sure to adopt the right behaviour. 

Have fun, enjoy your summer and stay safe! 

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Listen to Granny & Gramps


Fashion lessons from the oldest generation!


Fashion is not a question of age. It is a question of style and a bit of confidence. When Granny and Gramps tell you something, you better listen. And when it comes to fashion, we found some elderly people who know what they are talking about. 

We have heard so many stories from our grandparents and older persons. Some say that elderly people are wise people. You should listen to what they say and probably take notes. They are an amazing source of advice, and they know what they are talking about.

Why is that? Just because of the experience they have and because they probably tried things before you and can help you with the issue. 

Also, another good thing with old people is that they judge less and tend to be there for you. They will probably not try to educate you as your parents would do, but instead they will just enjoy your company and find someone to talk to and listen to. The perfect match if you need a piece of advice or just need to talk. 

As grandparents are a source of joy and the best teacher of life that we know, we decided to dedicate this article to some fantastic and stylish people. Because yes, it is not because you are getting older that you cannot be fashionable, good looking and SWAG. 

Just have a look at them, you will understand and maybe find some inspiration. Sit, listen and take notes:


Corinne Warner

Let’s begin with the inspiring Corinne Warner. The 91 years old woman is an old fashion lover. Her style grew up through the years, as the trends and fashion evolved. She gets her inspiration in fashion from art and creativity. One of the best lessons to get from this wonderful woman is to always be yourself and not forget who you really are. 

Authenticity and creativity are at the principle of her fashion style. 

@corinnewarner90 on Instagram
@corinnewarner90 on Instagram
@corinnewarner90 on Instagram

If you understood the assignment and her style, you must have seen the art surrounding the picture and running into her blood. Her fashion style is iconic, original and inspiring. She masters the art of layering. As a piece of art, she plays with colours, shapes, and designs. 

We love Corinne and how gorgeous she is. 


Helen Vanwinkle Honey

Icon we said? Okay so let’s keep going and show the worldwide internet superstar: BaddieWinkle aka Helen. The 94 years old woman is mainly known for her strong conviction, amazing sense of humour and also her fashion style. You probably know her or have heard of Helen since she is very famous. Followed by Rihanna or Kendrick Lamar, the nonagenarian baddie is Instagram certified and followed by more than 3 million people on the platform. 

Just observe and enjoy:

@baddiewwinkle on Instagram
@baddiewwinkle on Instagram
@baddiewwinkle on Instagram

Rebellious, adventurous and colourful. Helen and her fashion style are just the perfect definition of what life should be. She seems free, happy and having fun. She is the granny we have all wanted and dreamt about.

We would die to spend a day with her. 


Lyn Slater

Accidental Icon, that is how Lyn Slater calls herself. Why? Because she went viral and became quite popular after being photographed “by accident” during the New York Fashion Week. At this time she was a social worker and professor. This was a sort of change in her career and life. She quickly focused on content creation and showing her amazing fashion style she always had and this made her go viral and famous on Instagram. 

Lyn is more into being yourself, changing and moving through boundaries. She is against stereotypes and she is for change. Such an  inspiring woman with strong convictions. 

@iconaccidental on Instagram
@iconaccidental on Instagram
@iconaccidental on Instagram

Fun, Free and Good looking. Lyn is definitely a stylish 65 years old woman. The kind of woman you want to be seen with and associated with. On top of that, she is a great writer and we really encourage you to go to her Instagram account, contemplate her pictures, style and read the caption of every single post. Also, check out her website

She gives advice, writes about things she learnt and experienced and this gives us some insights about life, about our behaviours and can help us grow. Do not miss it! 


Alojz Abram – aka – Jaadiee – aka – Jannik’s Gramps 

Gramps is ending our article. The best dressed Man on earth. The Gramps who is smashing it. Yes, the famous 76 years old grampa is one of the few men being such a fashion icon. He became famous thanks to his grandson: Jannik, also the manager of the Instagram account and his personal photographer.  According to Jannik, Gramps (as he is famous as) always loved street style and fashion. He saw his grampa’s interest grow and diversify. This launched the fame and beginning of his Instagram career. From a pic on the platform to the best fashion shows and events, Gramps has nothing to be afraid of. 

Just look at him, he will tell you how to improve your style:

@jaadiee on Instagram
@jaadiee on Instagram
@jaadiee on Instagram

For sure, he is a great source of inspiration. His style could be adopted by all of us, and we should take him as a great inspiration and example in the fashion universe. He mixes fabrics, colours, exclusive items and knows how to do layering. Also, have you noticed all the details and the accessories, they make it all, as we previously explained 😉

Take advantage of going to his Instagram to check Jannick’s one, it’s also worth it. 


As you have seen, read about and observed Granny and Grampa can teach you much more than just life lessons. From creativity, to inspiration, art, wellbeing and self-esteem, they are just amazing. Age is just a number; style: an attitude. 

Fashion is not dedicated to young tall and thin people. Fashion is about who you are and what you want to be. Fashion is everything and it never ends. Do not stop dreaming, trying and being yourself. These people are an amazing example of it. If you hate old people We hope they have changed your behaviour! 

Photo by Edu Carvalho on

FashionAddBalls: We Are Growing Up 🎉🎉


FAB things we plan and want to experiment with FashionAddBalls


This Friday’s article is a bit different from the previous one. It is more of an open-heart essay, about our goals, dreams and next moves. 

As you may have noticed, we try to be sustainable in terms of articles and frequency of publication. We set up two articles a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays’ afternoon. FAB is growing, getting more views and an amazing audience. So we wanted to thank you all for your support, and being here to make this media a bigger and better place. 

Discover more about FAB


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FashionAddBalls is as we imagined and we made it our pride and success. But we are still hungry… 

In fact, we are killing for more creativity, more fun and amusement as well as fashion. 

We are working and planning more posts on Instagram (follow to keep in touch with us @fashionaddballs). We try to increase our online presence and use social media to get our creations a stage to be seen and to be enjoyed! FashionAddBalls is more than an online media, it becomes an online showcase of creativity around fashion thanks to our Instagram. However, that was not enough. While being in love with the creation process of Instagram posts, we were so passionate about what we were doing and having so much fun that we decided to go further. 

That is why we decided to launch a TikTok account!!! (@fashionaddballs)


We are so excited about it!!! We already prepared future publications, and we are working on it daily! This TikTok account will help us increase our presence, of course, but not only! FashionAddBalls will come up with a new artistic direction (we keep our identity, motives and DNA). A partnership is coming to implement and highlight fashion in the real world. 

Writing articles has been, so far, really enriching, inspiring and amazing to do. Adding more creativity and our own touch to FAB is even better. We love all of these creative waves and how FashionAddBalls is evolving. We want to keep going in this progress and show the world and the fashion lovers, what we are really capable of. 


So keep in touch on our social media platforms, follow, like, comment, repost, share, enjoy… Well decide but if you could support us in our development as much as you have done since our launch, that would be amazing. FashionAddBalls is progressing and you all are FAB. 

Do not worry, more articles are coming in the near future (Tuesday…). We will not stop writing. But more is coming as well on Instagram and TikTok. 

Take care and enjoy 🙂 

To know more about us: FAB


Summer TIPS


The Keys for a Fashion Summer

Photo de Ray Rodriguez sur

Today is Summer! We can officially talk about our upcoming holidays, trips, rest and change our wardrobe. We thought it would be the perfect time for us to give you some TIPS on how to be fashionable this season and what you can consider wearing or getting if you are a lost or curious man. Always here to give you a hand! 

Summer usually means sun. Tanning, enjoying the warmth of the sunrays and getting as much vitamin D as possible is amazing, but we have to be careful of heat strokes. What is better than a hat to cover and protect your head while enjoying being outside? Yes, this summer, consider hats if you want to be fashionable and well prepared for the season. You can opt for multiple types of hats. Either a bucket hat, a hat, simple and classic hat, straw hat. You have the choice in shapes, sizes, colours and style. Make sure to choose the one adapted to your face and morphology.  Finally, have you thought about bandanas or head scarfs? They are back and trendy and a good way to protect your hair and head from the bad effect of the sun. 

@casoperdido on Instagram, wearing a hat
@soy_raka on Instagram, wearing a head scarf
@jl00ks on Instagram, wearing a cap

As we try to cover and protect our head during summer, we tend to wear less clothing in general. Summer is warm, and we do not want to be hot and to sweat. However, we cannot walk barefoot outside and sometimes, we just have to be more dressed or formal, and for men it is difficult to adapt and find alternatives to closed shoes. Flip flops are great and cheap, but please, keep them for home issues or to go to the beach, otherwise, they are not that good looking and comfortable when we have to walk a bit. Most of all, we cannot really wear them at work. Instead, there are many Sandals and open shoes available for men and not old fashioned. Dr.Martens for example, has a large choice of options, in leather to be comfortable (vegan options available). Otherwise, you can find alternatives online if you are on a budget. Birkenstock as well are quite well known and have a large choice of sandals for men. If you are brave enough and know how to style them, you can consider crocs. They came back a few years ago, and they tend to be fashionable, but you have to be careful on how you wear them. Finally, if you still want to wear closed shoes but light ones, then why not consider some Espadrilles? They are some sort of canvas shoes, light, easy to wear and they have a chic and a bohemian style which can go with a linen shirt and pants, as well as bath shorts or just a pair of jeans. 

@samyportejoie on Instagram, wearing a pair of Birkenstock
@drmartenseofficial on Instagram, Dr.Marten sandales example
@payotespadrille on Instagram, Espadrille example

Talking about shorts and pants, being fashionable during summer can seem like a challenge. Do not worry, we have solutions! First of all, shorts. To be fashionable and sustainable, you can go for simple shorts in terms of designs and colours. Doing this, you will be able to wear them from one year to the other and not have to buy some every year just for 3 months. 

@andrey.boguslavsky on Instagram, shorts and shoes idea, global summer outfit
@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram, shorts idea for men

Then, if you are not into shorts, do not want to buy one or just can’t with your work, duties, either you go on a formal event, date or just personal reasons, pants are still your friends! Linen pants are actually the best solution for summer: light, simple, qualitative, soft, easy to take care of and mostly, good looking. You can wear these pants daily or just at night for a special occasion and even to go to work. 

@wearelinen on Instagram

Finally, you cannot get some, then opt for cotton pants. They are lighter than jeans and comfortable as well. Cotton has the advantage of not being hot, easy to take care of and keep as well as it does not highlight the embarrassing marks when we are sweating.

@yanistyli on Instagram

Of course, these pants and shorts can be worn with tee-shirts and shirts. Just have a look at our article about Improve Your Style, in which we gave some advice and help on what to wear and how easily. Here with summer, a simple tee-shirt layered by a shirt would be perfect! 

@yanistyli on Instagram

Last but not least: accessories! You must now know how much we love and insist on wearing accessories to make your outfit better and to be more original. Well, summer is the season of the year to wear as many as you want! We started with hats, but what about sunglasses! Yes, that is the right moment of the year to invest in sunglasses or wear the one you already have! Just opt for a pair adapted to your face shape and your morphology, the colours you like and it will look perfect! Massive sunglasses are back in trends and small ones as well. Just have a look at these to get an inspiration if you are looking to invest in some. 

@versace on Instagram, sunglasses ideas
@sunglasshut on Instagram, sunglasses ideas
@sunglasshut on Instagram, sunglasses ideas

Sunglasses are not the only accessory to get for this summer. Bags as well. Pockets overloaded with things such as your phone, keys, wallet and more, are not really the best thing. Instead get yourself a small bag in which you will fit everything, like a crossbody one, a  tote bag or even a backpack. Also, it is good to get a bag since it is really important to stay well hydrated during summer, and with a bag you can keep with you a bottle of water 😉 and sunscreen. Going to the beach? Tote bags are the best. They are adapted to any occasion, whether during the day or at night, they are cheap, easy to get, and can be a souvenir from your place of holiday. They are a must have of your wardrobe and it is always useful to get one.  

@prada on Instagram, bag example
@marni on Instagram, bag example
@apc_paris on Instagram, tote bag example

Accessories are also bracelets, necklaces and many more jewellery to wear, but we will not develop more since we wrote a full article about that. Also, with summer, we will not insist on jewellery if you are going to dip into the water or tanning, they can be a problem more than a plus. 

@yanistyli on Instagram

As you have seen, there are many options and solutions to still be on top of trends this summer, with light, easy and convenient items. Once again, invest in quality and simple patterns, so you will be able to keep your summer items from one year to the other. And if you invest in some items such as bags, pants, hats and more, you will be able to wear them all year long! Summer is cool, but this year you will look cooler. Do not worry and have fun!

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Focus on: Jacquemus


A personality matching the brand. 

Simon Porte Jacquemus, picture by: Samuel LEHUEDE

The last few years, Jacquemus has experienced a boom and a quick progression in the fashion industry, going from a new and beginning brand to a staple of fashion. The passion of clothes, a different way of operating and creativity have shaped and participated in the success of the brand, but also the personality and behaviour of the designer have highly contributed to it. Let’s dig deeper, and explore more!

@jacquemus on Instagram

The story of the brand, as many, is related to the creator and designer’s one. Simon Porte Jacquemus, born in 1990 in the south of France, went to Paris in 2008 to study fashion. In fact, in 2010, he created his first “collection”, clothes worn by his friends and people he knew during events. That’s the creation and birth of the brand Jacquemus. A lot has happened since there. In 2012, he presented for the first time his collection during the Paris Fashion Week. In 2015, Simon was the winner of the special jury prize at an international fashion competition for young designers: the LVMH prize. 

That’s mainly after 2015 that the brand was officially created and operating. Things became more serious and real for the designer and the brand. 

So now that you had a quick overview of the brand and Simon, we can start talking and analysing a bit more about the strategy they adopted and the progress of the brand. First of all, we might admit that Jacquemus is a creative, disruptive and inspiring fashion brand. It aims to have a different approach to the industry and to do things differently than what has always been done. 

Generally speaking and focusing on the collections, what is surprising is the simplicity of the creations. Jacquemus is not about over-showing or about being seen and extravagant. It is a good example of simple luxury and modest clothing. No big patterns or names written, simple shapes, colours, and designs. That is what makes the brand so well known and liked: the simplicity and its minimalistic aspect. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

What is even more interesting is the way they use proportion and key designs to go viral and make the collection liked. For example, the “chiquitos” bags, or the big hat. Small or huge proportions, still in a simple shape and colours, but the size changes and makes it all. The brand makes it to be original and different by playing with aspects we would not think at first. These items became icon and signature pieces for Jacquemus. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

On the other hand, the clothes and items Jacquemus offered are influenced by the designer’s life and origins. This participates to create a South of France identity and authentic trait to the brand. South of France is known for the summer, the beach, the warmth and lightness of the place and the people. It is a sort of a way of living and mantra. Simon has, for example, presented many collections in the South of France. He also included specific elements to the patterns of the fabrics or to the shape of the clothes, related and in honour of his region.

@jacquemus on YouTube, “Le Coup de Soleil” show
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on YouTube, “La Bomba” show

But limiting Jacquemus to a fashion and cloth brand would be lying and holding the truth. We have talked about creativity and disruption within the industry and how they process. In fact, the brand does not participate in every fashion week organised and has a more limited collection to drop every year. Most of all, they try to not limit themselves to fashion and to explore different universes. As a matter of fact, customers and fans are always waiting for the brand to open some pop up stores or corners with a brand new concept. They did it with flowers some time ago, but also used to open “fashion dispensers’ ‘. This last concept is about places where people can get in, choose an item as they would choose a can or a juice on a food dispenser, pay and then collect their item. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

All of these are viral on social media and it allows the brand to keep this close, fun and positive image they already have. It is also a good way to humanise a brand that tends to be categorised as luxury through its prices. This way, anyone can access it, and that is a chance for anyone to meet Simon and to be actively engaged with the brand and the products. Communication and marketing is kind of mastered by Jacquemus, and this is visible on their social media. We tend to believe that their Instagram account participated to make the brand viral, iconic and that famous. The feed was smartly constructed and thought, as well as the stories. When looking at the account, it mostly sounds like we follow Simon, instead of the brand, which participates by reducing the borders between a non-physical entity and the human-being behind it. Giving attributes to the brand, humanising it and relating the brand to its creator and designer is smart, entertaining and sustainable. 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

Another concept related to the origins of Simon, the brand and fashion is the restaurant they opened “Le Citron”. As a fashion brand and designer, operating into the food industry was actually a good move to diversify its playground and keep the DNA of the South of France. Also, it contributes to the experience seeking from the customers and to being different and authentic, as a brand operating in the fashion industry. It helps feeling closer to it and relating to the brand in some ways. 

Jacquemus partnered recently with Nike for the creation of a sneaker collection. They now extend into the footwear industry and try to always catch up with the customers expectations and to bring newness to their main activity. We have seen the design of the collection, and we believe that it will be an enormous success. Let’s wait and see! 

@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram

Now you probably know a bit more about Jacquemus, Simon, their strategy and why we cannot qualify the brand as “classic”. We love their audacity and creativity and we only ask for more. We have never been disappointed so far, and we are looking forward to seeing what is coming next! We hope that you like as much as we do, Jacquemus. 

Jacquemus bucket hat

Flowers and Fashion


How nature can be turned into a “must have”

Spring is ending and Summer is starting. The sun, nice weather, holiday coming and a sense of freedom are on their way. Fruits and Veggies are growing up and ready to be picked up, and flowers are glowing and shining. But did you know that flowers can be included as part of your daily outfits to be tuned into fashion?

No? Do not worry, we are here to tell you more about it. Fashion gets its inspiration from many different horizons and sources. Obviously nature and the surrounding world is one of them. With no surprise many designers have included, through the years and collections, some references to our beautiful mother nature, and as a tribute or respect to her. Basically, this can result in colours of the fabrics. Printed flowers on a shirt, a purple “lilla” or “olive” green. All of these are a result of nature’s influence on us. As a result, we can create looks influenced and inspired by the world without first noticing. 

@wisdm on Instagram, Prada shirt, black and white flowers
@dior on Instagram, shirt with flowers printed

Flowers became a sort of a basic and must have in your wardrobe. It is not classic and can make a very basic and simple outfit, more extravagant and outstanding. If you want to include a more powerful and significant change in your daily looks, just think about flowers. A shirt, tee-shirt, jacket can make a look different, colourful and amazing. 

But flowers are not just patterns on fabrics, they can be turned into accessories. 

@gqstyle on Instagram, flower cover

Flowers bring a sophisticated, natural and colourful touch to a final look. In fact, flowers, for a long time, have been assigned a gift functional and societal role. They are a sort of a valuable and meaningful gift, particularly by their limited lifetime, their seasonality and scarcity. Getting flowers as accessories, can be as valuable and good looking as owning a luxury bag for example. But less expensive, more original and interesting to think about. That is not for no reason that for a long time they were a symbol of royalty (still are). 

@theroyalfamily on Instagram, holding flowers
@kungahuset on Instagram, Princess Madeleine with a flowery dress
@hshprincesscharlen on Instagram, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II with their family and flowers

Another important characteristic of flowers is their art attribute. Nature is a source of inspiration for many artists. We have talked about designers but also painters, musicians, video directors and many more. By their forms, colours, different sizes, shapes, growing conditions, flowers have been admired and have inspired artists through centuries. Flowers are, on their own, a masterpiece, an art creation. They can decorate, sublime and give an amazing setting to any kind of creation. Many photographs, designers, magazines, and even people have used flowers as background, landscape, and beauty features in their final production. 

@maisonvalentino on Instagram, using flowers in a video.
@errolkaradag on Instagram, flowers as accessories
@jasonkimstudio on Instagram, Flower as a decorative element
@kenzo on Instagram, showing a flowery shirt and background

Jacquemus organised a full fashion show in a Lavender field. Kenzo is used to put flowers everywhere. Vogue as part of their covers. Or Louis Vuitton creating suits and adding flowers to their shows. 

@vogue on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@louisvuitton on Instagram

As you have seen, flowers and fashion are a strong and long-lasting relationship. By adding flowers to your outfit, you can make a difference and it helps to change from what we are used to seeing. It’s a breath of freshness, colour and originality. Either it is through the pattern of your fabrics, accessories, bouquets or just a rose on your suit, you have many options to include natural elements or nature inspired accessories, to your daily or special outfits. Just think about it! 


Improve your style: simple steps


TIPS on how to change or improve your fashion style, easily and where to start

Maybe you have asked yourself how some people can always be fashionable or trendy. How much do they spend on their daily outfits, or even if they wear more than once every piece of cloth they have. Well, it depends. We know that is not sufficient to answer your questions but it is a start.

If you are considering improving your fashion style and your look but you do not know where to start or how, just keep reading this article, you may find some advice and clues. Whether you try to follow trends, improve your outfits or just want to be more confident, then that’s for you. 

This guide is not about fast fashion and buying clothes you will wear just once. It keeps in mind the environmental issue that we are all facing. We must not forget, when getting dressed or buying new items, that we are in a way responsible for the ecological situation and that the fashion industry is one of the worst ones for our planet. This guide will try to give you some clues but on a budget friendly and eco-friendly approach. Yes, we can be fashionable and sustainable. 

So, let’s get started! If you think that you must invest a lot of money and time, always looking for new trendy items, then you should consider thinking differently. Fashion is a rapid and changing industry, but there are always timeless and forever good-looking items. If you want to improve your fashion style, then start investing in these items!

First of all let’s start with colours.

We know that depending on the season or time of the year, we will not wear the same colours. But we have some that will match each single season and not become inappropriate depending on the day of the year. Black and White (in this case we consider them as colours). This is a good start and timeless item you can invest on. It is also a great start for your outfits and you do not risk anything with shirts or tee-shirts in these colours. But if you want some other colours, we recommend you to invest in blue, which is also a great match and quite easy to wear. 

Okay but now, where to buy such items? 

Then let’s try to be sustainable and budget friendly. Even if you cannot afford expensive clothes with an ethical way of being produced, you can still minimise your ecological impact. The key is to invest in quality! We are talking about investment because we want fabrics that will not change over time and cleaning cycles. For that, you can find pretty good quality by shopping at Uniqlo for example, or Asos as well. They have a range of organic cotton, and it resists quite well to be washed. Apart from that, we can also find many alternatives on the internet, but also get out of your home! Yes, do not order things online if you can find it in real life. Go out, go shopping to your local and small stores. They are not necessarily more expensive than online, and you can find pretty high quality items. Most of all, it helps local businesses and limits your ecological footprint (no transport needed!). 

Idea of a shirt and tee-shirt, from @uniqlo_fr on Instagram
Simple outfit but efficient, oversized withe tee-shirt, from @asos_man on Instagram
@organicbasics on Instagram, sustainable brand, simple colour and shirt, but always trendy and good looking.

What type of items should you buy?

You can start with simple tee-shirts and shirts. No logos or images and in one colour. It is easy to wear, timeless and also adapted to many different occasions, whether for a casual day, workday, date or even parties. You can buy them oversized, which is quite trendy and comfortable, as well as adjusted to you and combine both. Wear a shirt open, over a tee-shirt. It will make you look good and clean, as well as timeless and adapted to many occasions. 

@samyportejoie on Instagram, giving us an inspiration of how to wear simple items and make them a great outfit
@vincent_duchapeau on Instagram, wearing simple colours and items but turning them into an amazing outfit
@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram, Simple, efficient, timeless and good looking outfit made from great items.

Then let’s talk about the bottoms. 

You can have many choices for that part. Jeans, normal pants, formal ones, shorts… We recommend considering jeans, as they are adapted to many occasions, comfortable, long lasting and it requires not much attention. Jeans are not necessarily eco-friendly, but you can find pretty good ones, for not a huge amount of money in thrift shops. Yes, you should go to these types of shops. You would be surprised how many cheap and good items you can find. That is also more sustainable. You also have some second hand websites if you do not want to go there if you do not have a close one near where you live. Check out Vestiaire Collective for luxury and fashion brands items, or Vinted. Otherwise, if you buy new ones, try to select organic cotton and from brands with an environmental impact not that bad. 

You can either opt for a regular pair of jeans, or oversized one, as they are really trendy for now. Try to keep it simple and not destroyed or with weird colours, as you will be able to wear it at any time and for a longer period. Dark blue, black, white or bright blue should work. 

@iskodenim on Instagram, idea of jeans to wear
@brooklynpeltzbeckham on Instagram, jeans to wear and how
@marineserre_official on Instagram, jeans to wear and how
@manurios on Instagram, good outfit wearing jeans

Shoes are the next step. 

To improve your style, shoes can make a big difference. Okay, you can invest in really sophisticated shoes or colourful ones if you want. Combined with the different advice below, you would still look good and it would bring to light your iconic shoes. They can be the masterpiece of an outfit. However, if you want to purchase something long lasting, adapted to many different occasions and that will be amazing, then keep reading. Shoes are quite expansive, and they are usually badly treated. We walk everywhere, do not necessarily clean them everytime and we keep them longer than regular clothes. That is the reason why it is important to invest, once again, in quality and simple elements that will always stay trendy. We want timeless items and adapted to your dailylife. Sneakers are kind of the “do the job” shoes, as they are comfortable, classic and resistant. So why not go for Nike’s Air Force 1, or Adidas’s Stan Smith shoes. You have many brands offering black or white shoes, and more sustainable brands can be considered in this purchase, such as Veja shoes for example. If you do not want sneakers, you can find plenty of other shoes that will last for a long time, for example Dr.Martens shoes are well known and famous for their resistance. They offer a vegan collection as well as regular. You have many boots options, but also more basic and daily life adapted shoes. 

More than quality, what will make your shoes keep running the time it is how careful you are. We do not tell you to not wear them or not doing whatever you want, but just regularly cleaning your shoes (no washing machine!!!!), combined with some care (specially for leather shoes), this will result in up to date shoes and they will look good for years! 

Veja shoes, timeless, ethical and good looking, @veja on Instagram
Nike shoes idea to improve your style, simple and will fit with everything, from @zalando_street on Instagram
@drmartensofficial instagram, Dr.Martens shoes, simple, long-lasting and good looking shoes and an idea on how to wear them.

Finally, accessories. 

Yes, you can consider purchasing accessories to improve your style. We wrote a previous article about tips on how details can improve your outfits and global look. To keep it simple and clear, you can invest in jewellery and bags for example. If you opt for quality, such as sterling silver or gold for jewellery, they will last forever and you will not need to buy a lot. Bags can be bought at thrift shops. You can find nice brands, and quality for not a big amount of money. For bags we recommend investing in leather or natural fabrics. Also, you can find many vegan alternatives that are amazing. Quality will make the difference in terms of durability, but also in terms of visual aspect. Quality can make an item look expansive and chic even though you thrift shopped it or took it from your grand-ma.

@casoperdido on Instagram, wearing a bag and necklaces as accessories
@maisonvalentino on Instagram, good simple outfit, with a bag, simple, black and great
@lewishamilton on Instagram, showing us his rings and jewellery, great to improve your style!

As you have read in this article, the keys to improving your style easily is to invest in quality, timeless and simple colours. You can find many sustainable brands to shop from, as well as thrift shops. But do not forget to go and have a look at your local stores. Your local small businesses need support and they usually have good deals and items. Do not neglect them 😉 The main point by investing in basic and qualitative items is that you will be able to match them with your current wardrobe and future one. They will fit with literally everything and be adapted to any situation. Keep this in mind, styled differently, they can look different and give different vibes to your outfits. 

Also check out our article about details for more inspiration on how to improve your style. 


Fashion details make it all


Accessories, Haircuts, Bags…

How details can make you standing out of the crowd

We all feel amazing, powerful and so confident when wearing a nice outfit. When we are proud of what we wear, we love people to see it or even ourselves, we want to feel exceptional. But clothes and shoes are not the only thing that can make you feel and be amazing. Some details and small “things” can make you stand out of the crowd and move from “great” to “iconic”. 

First of all, a haircut. Yes, we know how a haircut can change literally everything and the way we look. Also, knowing how to design these things we have up to our head, can make our life more convenient and easier (long hair can be annoying). Do not underestimate the power of your hair and its presentation. A nice haircut or hairstyle can change and shape your face. Most importantly, it can become the masterpiece of your outfit or a real added value to your style. Some hairdressers specialise in hair design and original creation. Your hair is just your hairdresser playground and future piece of art they want to work on. Just look at these examples of people and haircuts that can make you unique and can help you in building your own self. 

@guidopalau on Instagram, haircut inspiration and idea
@voguehommes on Instagram, ideas of haircuts, taken from @fendi collection
TheWeeknd and one of is iconic signature haircut, @theweeknd on Instagram

I mean, we all know someone because of his haircut that is iconic or just a part of them, as the weekend for example. A haircut is not just a detail, it can be part of the main piece in an outfit and it can help you to be different and unique. Think about it next you go to your hairdresser! 

Then, we should not only talk about jewellery but accessories on a larger scale. A necklace, bracelet, some rings or even hair clips can add some value and make you switch from basic or well dressed to iconic and amazing. Whether it is jewellery or other accessories, you should think about it for your next outfit. It will bring you value and these things will make your global look better than it already is. We still tend to think men wearing jewellery is not appropriate or it can be hard to find some, but do not be afraid to look at the women’s section in stores or online. Also, some websites such as Etsy, Asos or even some shops on social media offer different ranges of male accessories for all budgets. For nothing you can buy rings or bracelets and this will automatically improve your outfit. Most of all, you can mix them with your existing or future collection, you can reuse them as much as you want and why not exchange them with your friends / partners, siblings, parents, children and many more. 

@casoperdido on Instagram, jewellery inspiration
@viviennewestwood on Instagram, ideas of jewellery for men to wear
@tiffanyandco on Instagram, showing Travis Barker wearing jewellery and accessories

In accessories we also include hats and everything that can be put on your head. It can be more than just a convenient piece of cloth, it can be your fashion ally. In fact, it does not protect and cover your hair and head, it also assures that you and your outfit look amazing. Just have a look to this example of people on top with hats on: 

hat example @dior on Instagram
hat example, @casoperdido on Instagram
Hat and accessories example, Spike Lee on @voguehommes Instagram account
@courreges and hat example, classic and long lasting hat

With hats and accessories, we have to mention glasses and sunglasses. We have seen, on the fashion scene, the expansion and adoption of these as a full-time accessory and as a must have in your wardrobe. They keep your eyes protected or just help you to see clearly, but they are a fashion help to not forget about. They can pimp up your outfit and also make you look amazing. 

@dolcegabbana and some glasses
@versace glasses on Instagram
@rayban on Instagram

Finally, we want to talk about bags. Yes sir, they are not only exclusives to women. Brands are trying to develop their range of bags for men, even though it is still difficult to find a good one that will match your outfit. While they are really convenient and amazing to carry all your stuff, money, phone and more, they are also a good way to improve and give another dimension to your outfit. Do not be afraid, once again to look at the women section if you want to buy a bag! You will have more choices and can get an amazing one! Here are some examples on some bags that you could consider or an idea on how to wear them:

@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram, and how to wear a bag
@fendi on Instagram, Fendace collection and bags for both men and women
@young_emperors on Instagram, bag example

Also, do not neglect a good tote bag, which can make you look good, be convenient to carry all you need and also it is not expensive.

We could go further and write about belts, socks and makeup but that would be too much. For now we gave you some ideas on how to improve an outfit to be even more outstanding and to add value to your global look. The most important point here is to feel inspired and comfortable with what you wear and who you are. If you feel good the way you look, you will shine just thanks to your confidence and your aura. But if you have your nails done, you will blind the crowd 😉 

@young_emperors on Instagram, make up and nail polish inspiration for men
@nailsformentoo on Instagram, some nails ideas for men, to pimp up your look

Working in Fashion, TIPS


Do you need a fashion degree to work in fashion?

Photo de Ksenia Chernaya sur

For a long time we have been told that the fashion industry is a closed and restricted world, in which it is hard to get in. We have tried to think about this general idea and try to look at ways to enter the industry in different ways. 

Let’s start with fashion school and degrees. Of course this is the easiest and most secure way to get a job and career within fashion. In these programmes you will get fashion focused classes and courses, from people with a fashion background and knowledge. 

This option, to follow a specialised education from the beginning of your study is a great chance and amazing opportunity if you know quite soon in your life what you want to do and what career you want to pursue. But let’s be honest. Most youngsters have no idea what they want to pursue and which path they should go for. Orientation and knowing what job you want to get after your degree is hard and not as easy to know. That’s why a lot of people reorient themselves or make some changes during their studies or work life. 

Do not worry, there is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about, that is totally fine and normal! How could you know for sure, at 18 what you will do for the rest of your life, when you can barely plan your next dinner or summer holiday? 

That is the reason why we come here with different options to think about if you want to get a fashion education or to learn more about it if you consider moving to this field as your professional career.

We started talking about education and fashion degrees. If you have time, money, and the courage to go back to school, then you could think about joining and getting a fashion degree. Either a bachelor, a MBA or just some summer classes. Lots of universities offer summer classes and some of them, some weekly courses. This is a pretty convenient and more accessible way to get in with fashion and maximise your chance to get your dream job. One of the disadvantages of these is mostly the price. You will have to pay for these courses, so get prepared to save money and invest in your future.  But if you cannot attend physical classes, you still can find online courses. For example, checkout the UAL (University of the Arts of London) website. You will find plenty of options depending on your situation to get a foot in fashion. Also, LVMH offers a certification and online classes (it is free!) to learn more about fashion, luxury and related subjects and at the end you will get a certification from these courses. That is a great opportunity to think about. Also, the online options available make it easier to learn while keeping going with your current life. For all the working people, trying to change or students wanting to specialise while keeping on studying, go for it!

UAL on Instagram, @unioftheartslondon
Central Saint Martins on Instagram, @csm_news

Another way to get into this universe is to use what you already have! Do not underestimate the power of your degree, background or situation. Fashion is just a field, as science for example. But you can get a job in fashion but related to many industries or degrees. Fashion jobs include sales, communication, retail, marketing, engineering, accounting and many more. This is a way to first access and get a fashion job, by just using what you are good at, your expertise, maybe some of your previous experience to get a foot in this industry and start a new career. Also, internships are a great way to get experience and try a new activity as well as discover an industry. Do not forget about it, and try to get one! 

Sew Heidi, 7 Awesome Fashion Jobs you never knew existed, YouTube

It became so obvious and common that we tend to forget about it: the Internet. You know, this free, unlimited and available resource. By the way, you are using it right now to read this article… Well, online, you can create your own knowledge and get to know more about the industry, its history and get in contact with people. Just watch some YouTube videos, try to look at some brand websites you like, create your own culture and be your own teacher. Also, check on LinkedIn who is working for what and how they made it to get the job you are willing to get. Do not hesitate to contact them and ask them questions about it. Follow the social media platforms of brands and try to keep up to date with the news. Some fashion oriented websites would help you with this as well as some fashion job platforms such as BoF career and directly on the corporate website of many groups and brands. 

Finally, why are you waiting after somebody else? We strongly believe that you are totally capable of doing great things and getting where you want to go. How? Create your own experience! Do not be shy or hesitant. If you want something, just do it and try it! It can either be a blog or a social media account and even writing posts on LinkedIn. Also, do not be ashamed to show people your willingness to change and to evolve. Ask for advice and help to find an opportunity that suits you best. Try to draw, create and make your own portfolio. Also, think about case studies, write essays on the subjects you are interested in. You still can try to get in at some fashion weeks, follow the development of young and starting brands. By yourself and being curious and motivated, you can learn a lot and you can focus and enrich yourself with what you truly want and need. Do not hesitate to try. Just do it (Are we legally allowed to say that, or should we ask Nike?). If you struggle to get an experience, put this massive effort in yourself and try a new project instead. Same effort, but way more satisfying and enriching. You will lose less time applying and trying to convince people to hire you, and you will get qualification, knowledge and confidence as well. 

TEDxErie, Solopreneurship: How to Create Your Dream Job from Scratch, Joshua Lisec, YouTube

There are plenty of ways to get through the fashion industry. Just choose the one that suits your plan and situation. You can try step by step or everything at the same time. If you doubt that’s normal, it means you are a human being. But never give up, you are capable of it and worthy. We listed some ways but of course you have plenty more. We just gave some possibilities and paths to help you in your growing process, but we are sure that you will find your way and your own plan. That is what we did at FAB, and we’ve never been so proud and confident 😉