Emerging and Developing Fashion Brands

Emerging and Developing Fashion Brands

Growing and Emerging fashion players: shortlist of Brands to keep an eye on


This Friday’s article will be about some emerging and developing fashion brands. As we know, fashion is a really competitive industry with many different brands, players and actors. Brands are fighting to get as much visibility and fame as possible and the biggest players of the industry are still winning the game. 

To change a bit and not focus on them, we decided to write about smaller brands, acting on another scale but as talented and promising as big maisons. Whether they took part in some fashion shows or not, they are quite interesting to talk about and to keep in mind. 

This article will mainly be a shortlist of brands that we find promising and interesting to keep an eye on. It is not about very new brands and new players, but those who are in a current expansion and recognition. 

Alright, let’s get started! 



BLUEMARBLE is a french brand. The label was created in 2019 by Anthony Alvarez Graff. The brand is specialised in menswear. 

@bluemarble on Instagram

The essence of the collections and the brand is all about individual and singularities. These lead to a colourful palette, different fabrics and prints as well as models. A mix of different elements making it interesting and enjoyable to play with. 

BLUEMARBLE is, in a way, a sort of a dream-alive and nostalgic brand. What we mean is regarding the collections’ designs, you can feel or think about it. It is not just clothes. Garments are inspiring and give us some insights or bring back some memories. 

@bluemarble on Instagram

What we also like about the brand is that it plays with shapes and sizes on top of patterns and colours. You can definitely pay with the items and create very different looks. Even with the older collections which are not old dated and “not trendy anymore”. This can be a first step towards sustainability. But back to the collections, the possibility to have fun, mix and play with clothes make even more BLUEMARBLE, a dream-alive brand. 

BLUEMARBLE PARIS on YouTube, Printemps / Été 2023 colelction (SS23)

As a result, we have a quite young and emerging brand, very promising and we are looking forward to upcoming collections. 



CASABLANCA is also a french designer fashion brand. Created in 2018 by Charaf Tajer, the brand is more about relaxed but high-quality and good looking clothing. It started with menswear and then developed and now is also offering womenswear. 

@casablancabrand on Instagram

The brands have obvious inspiration from Morocco and Paris, but also a cosmopolitan influence. From the colours to the fabrics used and the shapes, we can easily identify some worldwide references and inspiration. 

CASABLANCA offers high-quality fabrics but in a relaxed and comfortable design. It is about being comfortable and feeling good in great garments. 

@casablancabrand on Instagram

What we like about this brand is that you feel like you are a prince wearing it. The colours are fantastic, the shapes and designs elegant and sophisticated as well as the high-quality of the fabrics. Finally the shapes of the bags and accessories can turn a look from basic to iconic. 

We love how inspiring it is. You can express yourself in a comfy way while being so well dressed and unique. 

Casablanca Paris on YouTube, Futuro Optimisto, Printemps-Été 2023 collection (SS23)

The brand is becoming well known in the fashion world. It won some LVMH prizes back in 2020, and Charaf Tajer is quite an interesting entrepreneur and businessman. 

From culture to open-mindedness and positivism, this brand has everything it needs to succeed and continue its massive development. 



DenzilPatrick is a British brand, born in London in 2021. The young Menswear English label was created by Daniel Gayle. At the essence of the brand, there is an attempt to sustainability and being conscious of the influence of fashion on our planet, as well as an inclusive and diversity idea behind the collections. 

The brand works with big to small-scale companies, making sure to be socially responsible and giving a particular attention to the wellbeing, pay and respect of its partners. It also tries to reduce its ecological footprint thanks to recycling and getting fabrics from the surplus of some producers, but also using renewable energies, reducing packaging and more. The brand is putting a lot of effort into being more socially and environmentally responsible. 

@visualtales on Instagram showing the DenzilPatrick SS23 Collection

From a collection point of view, the efforts can also be seen. Inclusive, daring and creative collections. The Spring/Summer 2023 (SS23) collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week, is colourful and gives us material to think about. 

@visualtales on Instagram showing the DenzilPatrick SS23 Collection

According to the creator and the brand’s managers, this collection was a return to the past and to being a 16 years old teenager. It was about feeling things once again as if it was the first time, and getting the same experience we had back in a day. The collection is also inspired by school uniforms and is definitely a reconsideration of what masculinity could mean. With skirts, colours, unique patterns, the garments of the show is inspiring and gives us this need to try on and live the experience.

@denzilpatrick on Instagram

There are not a lot of looks in the collection but they all are inspiring and an open door to experiencing new things and pushing your limits. It is about being who you really want to be or who you would like to be. The collection and the brand give us a real opportunity to come to life with our imagined self or who we dreamt of being. 

That is what we like about this brand and their latest collection: the possibilities and opportunities to dare and try. Also the nostalgia and the chance you can get to take your revenge on the world as a grown person. 

It plays with masculinity and what a man is, by designing and offering skirts for Men. We enjoy this “rules break” and abortion of principles. Why could men not wear whatever they want? 


Many more emerging brands to follow

Today we came up with three brands to keep an eye on and to follow into the fashion world. They all are quite young and have many more to offer. From the viral once as Casablanca or the new entrants as DenzilPatrick, they offer an inspiring and creative universe we enjoy so much. 

There are many brands and designers that we could talk about. A lot of them are really creative, and they offer a large range of new items and disruptive collections. We cannot talk about all of them, but we surely will write another article about exciting and promising emerging brands. 

As for now, if you want to discover more designers and labels, we highly recommend having a look at the fashion events organised worldwide. These events are not only for the biggest players of the industry. They also are a chance for the beginners and new entrants to build a community and a name in the fashion world. You can discover brands here but also by being curious and trying to get who is taking part in fashion weeks and events. Also, through many influencers and artists, you can discover brands. Many ways to get new insights. 

Creativity and discoveries never stop. Be curious and happy, that is all we can wish for!


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