MetGala 2022

Was it the best Met Gala of Vogue?

1995. First Met Gala organised and run by Anna Wintour, the fashion reference. In 27 years, it has been canceled only once: in 2020 because of COVID and the Pandemic.

This event takes place, every year in May in New York, at the Metropolitan Museum. It is basically a private event for the rich and fashion (famous) people which aims to raise funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. It is a prestigious event attended by celebrities from different universe (music, cinema, fashion, models, politics…)

The Met Gala is meant to be run the first Monday of May. Every year, a theme is assigned to this event. It is not mandatory to follow it by it is highly recommended. Moreover, it is a fashion event, and people have a lot of expectations from the attendees to respect and follow the theme.

The Met Gala is probably one of the major events in the fashion industry, because of its uniqueness and prestige. It is followed worldwide by many people who are waiting to see their admired celebrity climbing up the stairs of the Museum.

Usually, we get special and very creative looks from the Met Gala and the artists as well as from fashion designers. However, we must admit that this year edition has been a bit disappointing. The theme was: “Gilded Glamour” a reference to the Gilded Age (from the 1870’s to the 1900’s).

Here is an example, from the HBO series called “The Gilded Age”. It gives us an idea of what could be expected from the theme.

However, only a few of the participants, this year, has followed the theme, leading to a disappointment and to looks not in accordance to people’s idea.

Here are some looks from celebrities respecting the theme:

And we had some other looks that were not really in accordance to the theme but still remain amazing:

Many celebrities, all well dressed and fashionable. However we are still a bit disappointed as we were all expecting it to bas as good as the 2018 or 2019 Met Galas that were probably the best one in Vogue’s history.

We also have to say something: Men WTF?? We are always expecting women to be the well dressed and men usually keep going with a basic suit, and they do not make more efforts (expect some who are truly amazing). We are looking forward to more implications from our male celebrities guests.

But let’s be honest; we cannot blame everyone and this event. Some artists have been really involved and so fashionable those last months in other event such as the Grammys where we saw a stunning Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion and many more.

But let’s wait for future events and future looks.

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