How Fashion Builds Self-Confidence

How Fashion Builds Self-Confidence

As human beings, we have this need and obligation to get dressed every day (unless you are a naturist). You can wear whatever you want whenever, as long as we cannot see your intimacy parts and that you are not considered as an exhibitionist or a shocking person. Clothes are amazing to help us process our daily obligation to get dressed. But they also have a more symbolic value than just being functional. In fact, clothes can help to build self-confidence and are great at empowering people. 

Express Yourself

Fashion can be seen and perceived as a restricted and closed world only represented by the biggest luxury brands which decide what to wear and how. But what the fashion world and human beings have in common is the meaning behind clothes and the speech we want to deliver through our outfits. In fact, for many years and many brands, fashion has been a way to express ideas, opinions and public behaviour. We just have to look at the recent catwalks and collections from many brands creating some cosy and comfortable clothes as most of us are used to working from home and tracksuits have been democratised. Also dressing men with some “women” clothes such as dresses, skirts and many more.

Off_white Instagram account, @off____white
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Fashion is great at expressing things that can be hard to say. It is a sort of ID but in a more tangible and changing way. You are the only one who can decide what you want to look like, what you want people to think about you and how you want to wear it. With fashion you are free to select the colours, shapes, fabrics and sizes. It is about expressing your true self and your creativity. You have so many choices within clothes and accessories. You can be classy, bossy, sassy or just fashionable and adaptable to the situation. 

That is also why fashion has been a precious tool to regroup communities. For example Punks, Gothics, sports fans and so on. By just looking at how someone is dressed, you can identify which group of people he/she identifies him/herself with. 

“I think fashion can do a lot. Fashion is very popular, so it can help broadcast a message and reach a new generation.”

Maria Grazia Chiuri

Control your impression

As Fashion is a self-expression tool and you can choose who you want to be, it also helps to change and control how people see you. Fashion, in fact, is a brain manipulation option that we all can use. For example, clothes can be used to disguise yourself, in this case they are called costumes. Another one is the power of clothes to hide what you do not want to show and show what you want people to see. You play with clothes to show and be perceived the way you want. It is all about control. Just look at Billie Eilish. The day a paparazzi took a picture of her wearing skinny clothes instead of oversized one, everyone was shocked by her amazing body. Why? Because she knew the assignment of playing with fabrics and size to hide what you don’t want people to see.

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Same with Kim Kardashian for example. She became an icon because of her body and tiny waist with a big booty. Why? Because she knows what to show to be remembered. And she does it so well that for the 2021 Met Gala, she went covered in black but people were able to say who that was, just by looking at her body and image.

Kim Kardashian Instagram account, @kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian Instagram account, @kimkardashian
Kim Kardashian Instagram account, @kimkardashian

Enjoy it

Finally let’s not forget about the main reason we live today: to have fun and pleasure. Clothes are a way to be happy and to reflect your state of mind but also to give you pleasure. We all had some good experiences and fun shopping experiences with friends, family or even alone. Who has never experienced this exciting feeling when receiving a parcel, opening it and getting clothes we bought. Who has never been so enthusiastic when getting new items that need to be worn right now. We also like to have fun playing supermodels when trying on clothes and performing as if we were walking on a catwalk. 

On another hand, we always love getting compliments for the way we dress, or we like people to notice when wearing something new or different. It is always pleasant to get positive feedback and comments. 

Fashion is an experience that needs to be fully lived and appreciated.

Clothes are much more than just accessories or a way to fill in the need to get dressed. It is a way to express and work on who you are or want to be. It is also a way for you to accept your identity and reinforce your self-confidence, since you can play with your image and reflection to everyone’s eyes. Finally, It is a source of joy and happiness. 

The only thing we have to say is have fun, dare and be who you want to be. Do not be shy. Try. Everything is beautiful, it just needs to be revealed. 

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