Fashion details make it all

Accessories, Haircuts, Bags…

How details can make you standing out of the crowd

We all feel amazing, powerful and so confident when wearing a nice outfit. When we are proud of what we wear, we love people to see it or even ourselves, we want to feel exceptional. But clothes and shoes are not the only thing that can make you feel and be amazing. Some details and small “things” can make you stand out of the crowd and move from “great” to “iconic”. 

First of all, a haircut. Yes, we know how a haircut can change literally everything and the way we look. Also, knowing how to design these things we have up to our head, can make our life more convenient and easier (long hair can be annoying). Do not underestimate the power of your hair and its presentation. A nice haircut or hairstyle can change and shape your face. Most importantly, it can become the masterpiece of your outfit or a real added value to your style. Some hairdressers specialise in hair design and original creation. Your hair is just your hairdresser playground and future piece of art they want to work on. Just look at these examples of people and haircuts that can make you unique and can help you in building your own self. 

@guidopalau on Instagram, haircut inspiration and idea
@voguehommes on Instagram, ideas of haircuts, taken from @fendi collection
TheWeeknd and one of is iconic signature haircut, @theweeknd on Instagram

I mean, we all know someone because of his haircut that is iconic or just a part of them, as the weekend for example. A haircut is not just a detail, it can be part of the main piece in an outfit and it can help you to be different and unique. Think about it next you go to your hairdresser! 

Then, we should not only talk about jewellery but accessories on a larger scale. A necklace, bracelet, some rings or even hair clips can add some value and make you switch from basic or well dressed to iconic and amazing. Whether it is jewellery or other accessories, you should think about it for your next outfit. It will bring you value and these things will make your global look better than it already is. We still tend to think men wearing jewellery is not appropriate or it can be hard to find some, but do not be afraid to look at the women’s section in stores or online. Also, some websites such as Etsy, Asos or even some shops on social media offer different ranges of male accessories for all budgets. For nothing you can buy rings or bracelets and this will automatically improve your outfit. Most of all, you can mix them with your existing or future collection, you can reuse them as much as you want and why not exchange them with your friends / partners, siblings, parents, children and many more. 

@casoperdido on Instagram, jewellery inspiration
@viviennewestwood on Instagram, ideas of jewellery for men to wear
@tiffanyandco on Instagram, showing Travis Barker wearing jewellery and accessories

In accessories we also include hats and everything that can be put on your head. It can be more than just a convenient piece of cloth, it can be your fashion ally. In fact, it does not protect and cover your hair and head, it also assures that you and your outfit look amazing. Just have a look to this example of people on top with hats on: 

hat example @dior on Instagram
hat example, @casoperdido on Instagram
Hat and accessories example, Spike Lee on @voguehommes Instagram account
@courreges and hat example, classic and long lasting hat

With hats and accessories, we have to mention glasses and sunglasses. We have seen, on the fashion scene, the expansion and adoption of these as a full-time accessory and as a must have in your wardrobe. They keep your eyes protected or just help you to see clearly, but they are a fashion help to not forget about. They can pimp up your outfit and also make you look amazing. 

@dolcegabbana and some glasses
@versace glasses on Instagram
@rayban on Instagram

Finally, we want to talk about bags. Yes sir, they are not only exclusives to women. Brands are trying to develop their range of bags for men, even though it is still difficult to find a good one that will match your outfit. While they are really convenient and amazing to carry all your stuff, money, phone and more, they are also a good way to improve and give another dimension to your outfit. Do not be afraid, once again to look at the women section if you want to buy a bag! You will have more choices and can get an amazing one! Here are some examples on some bags that you could consider or an idea on how to wear them:

@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram, and how to wear a bag
@fendi on Instagram, Fendace collection and bags for both men and women
@young_emperors on Instagram, bag example

Also, do not neglect a good tote bag, which can make you look good, be convenient to carry all you need and also it is not expensive.

We could go further and write about belts, socks and makeup but that would be too much. For now we gave you some ideas on how to improve an outfit to be even more outstanding and to add value to your global look. The most important point here is to feel inspired and comfortable with what you wear and who you are. If you feel good the way you look, you will shine just thanks to your confidence and your aura. But if you have your nails done, you will blind the crowd 😉 

@young_emperors on Instagram, make up and nail polish inspiration for men
@nailsformentoo on Instagram, some nails ideas for men, to pimp up your look

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