FashionAddBalls: We Are Growing Up 🎉🎉

FashionAddBalls: We Are Growing Up 🎉🎉

FAB things we plan and want to experiment with FashionAddBalls


This Friday’s article is a bit different from the previous one. It is more of an open-heart essay, about our goals, dreams and next moves. 

As you may have noticed, we try to be sustainable in terms of articles and frequency of publication. We set up two articles a week: on Tuesdays and Fridays’ afternoon. FAB is growing, getting more views and an amazing audience. So we wanted to thank you all for your support, and being here to make this media a bigger and better place. 

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FashionAddBalls is as we imagined and we made it our pride and success. But we are still hungry… 

In fact, we are killing for more creativity, more fun and amusement as well as fashion. 

We are working and planning more posts on Instagram (follow to keep in touch with us @fashionaddballs). We try to increase our online presence and use social media to get our creations a stage to be seen and to be enjoyed! FashionAddBalls is more than an online media, it becomes an online showcase of creativity around fashion thanks to our Instagram. However, that was not enough. While being in love with the creation process of Instagram posts, we were so passionate about what we were doing and having so much fun that we decided to go further. 

That is why we decided to launch a TikTok account!!! (@fashionaddballs)


We are so excited about it!!! We already prepared future publications, and we are working on it daily! This TikTok account will help us increase our presence, of course, but not only! FashionAddBalls will come up with a new artistic direction (we keep our identity, motives and DNA). A partnership is coming to implement and highlight fashion in the real world. 

Writing articles has been, so far, really enriching, inspiring and amazing to do. Adding more creativity and our own touch to FAB is even better. We love all of these creative waves and how FashionAddBalls is evolving. We want to keep going in this progress and show the world and the fashion lovers, what we are really capable of. 


So keep in touch on our social media platforms, follow, like, comment, repost, share, enjoy… Well decide but if you could support us in our development as much as you have done since our launch, that would be amazing. FashionAddBalls is progressing and you all are FAB. 

Do not worry, more articles are coming in the near future (Tuesday…). We will not stop writing. But more is coming as well on Instagram and TikTok. 

Take care and enjoy 🙂 

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