FashionAddBalls or FAB (easier), is about fashion, creativity and freedom

FashionAddBalls is an online creative, innovative and disruptive media. We aim to define ourself as open minded and fashion oriented. We defend Authenticity, Truth, Honesty and most of all, Freedom. The concept was born in 2021, from an Instagram Account idea @fashionaddballs), and quickly became in 2022 a website dedicated to fashion subjects and much more.

We are not journalists or reporters, but simple creative people and fashion lovers, sharing their thoughts and ideas. We are creators. We are Free.

Latest Articles

Focus on: Menswear Paris Fashion Week – January 2023

Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 collections has been presented this week in Paris.  Last week in Paris was the comeback of the Menswear fashion week. A huge event and occasion for every designer, fashion-lover and people from the industry to gather, showcase and have fun around a common subject: Men’s fashion.  Men are getting little…

Fashion models: family business

When the modelling skills are a genetic inheritance Family run businesses are really common. From the construction industry to hotels, restaurants or even big corporations. We all know a family run business. But did you know that even in the modelling scope, this is true! Today’s edition will be about fashion transmitted genes and some…

Focus on: Lewis Hamilton

The famous Formula One athlete is back on the fashion scene After some time being more discreet in the fashion world and focused on his main activity: formula ONE, the great athlete, Lewis Hamilton is back and he has a lot to share and inspiration to give us.  Lewis Hamilton who?  First thing first, who…

Fashion models: dream job or utopia?

Is Modelling made for everyone? We probably all know someone we find charismatic and charming. We probably thought or asked this person why not try some modelling jobs? In fact we tend to think modelling is an easy job to do and open to anyone good-looking. But is it a job made for the general…


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