Flowers and Fashion

Flowers and Fashion

How nature can be turned into a “must have”

Spring is ending and Summer is starting. The sun, nice weather, holiday coming and a sense of freedom are on their way. Fruits and Veggies are growing up and ready to be picked up, and flowers are glowing and shining. But did you know that flowers can be included as part of your daily outfits to be tuned into fashion?

No? Do not worry, we are here to tell you more about it. Fashion gets its inspiration from many different horizons and sources. Obviously nature and the surrounding world is one of them. With no surprise many designers have included, through the years and collections, some references to our beautiful mother nature, and as a tribute or respect to her. Basically, this can result in colours of the fabrics. Printed flowers on a shirt, a purple “lilla” or “olive” green. All of these are a result of nature’s influence on us. As a result, we can create looks influenced and inspired by the world without first noticing. 

@wisdm on Instagram, Prada shirt, black and white flowers
@dior on Instagram, shirt with flowers printed

Flowers became a sort of a basic and must have in your wardrobe. It is not classic and can make a very basic and simple outfit, more extravagant and outstanding. If you want to include a more powerful and significant change in your daily looks, just think about flowers. A shirt, tee-shirt, jacket can make a look different, colourful and amazing. 

But flowers are not just patterns on fabrics, they can be turned into accessories. 

@gqstyle on Instagram, flower cover

Flowers bring a sophisticated, natural and colourful touch to a final look. In fact, flowers, for a long time, have been assigned a gift functional and societal role. They are a sort of a valuable and meaningful gift, particularly by their limited lifetime, their seasonality and scarcity. Getting flowers as accessories, can be as valuable and good looking as owning a luxury bag for example. But less expensive, more original and interesting to think about. That is not for no reason that for a long time they were a symbol of royalty (still are). 

@theroyalfamily on Instagram, holding flowers
@kungahuset on Instagram, Princess Madeleine with a flowery dress
@hshprincesscharlen on Instagram, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II with their family and flowers

Another important characteristic of flowers is their art attribute. Nature is a source of inspiration for many artists. We have talked about designers but also painters, musicians, video directors and many more. By their forms, colours, different sizes, shapes, growing conditions, flowers have been admired and have inspired artists through centuries. Flowers are, on their own, a masterpiece, an art creation. They can decorate, sublime and give an amazing setting to any kind of creation. Many photographs, designers, magazines, and even people have used flowers as background, landscape, and beauty features in their final production. 

@maisonvalentino on Instagram, using flowers in a video.
@errolkaradag on Instagram, flowers as accessories
@jasonkimstudio on Instagram, Flower as a decorative element
@kenzo on Instagram, showing a flowery shirt and background

Jacquemus organised a full fashion show in a Lavender field. Kenzo is used to put flowers everywhere. Vogue as part of their covers. Or Louis Vuitton creating suits and adding flowers to their shows. 

@vogue on Instagram
@jacquemus on Instagram
@louisvuitton on Instagram

As you have seen, flowers and fashion are a strong and long-lasting relationship. By adding flowers to your outfit, you can make a difference and it helps to change from what we are used to seeing. It’s a breath of freshness, colour and originality. Either it is through the pattern of your fabrics, accessories, bouquets or just a rose on your suit, you have many options to include natural elements or nature inspired accessories, to your daily or special outfits. Just think about it! 

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