Focus on: Bad Bunny

The case of a well-dressed man

Bad Bunny? Who’s that?

You better know. He is a 28 years old music singer, raper, producer and much more from Puerto Rico. His real name is: Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio. 

You probably know him for some of his famous songs such as: “I Like It”, a song featured with Cardi B, or “Mia” with Drake. He knows how to make people dance, enjoy and have fun. 

Bad Bunny on Spotify
“I Like It”, Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin, on Spotify
“MIA”, Bad Bunny, Drake, on Spotify

But he is more than just a celebrity and music artist. He also is making his way through the fashion industry. He collaborated with Vogue and did a cover of the famous song “Macarena”. For this video and song, He was singing and doing the show in an amazing outfit surrounded by models dancing and singing as well. 

@vogue, Youtube Channel

More than that, he modelled for some fashion brands, making his way through the fashion industry and broadening his horizons. For example, in January 2022, he posed for Jacquemus and the release of the 2022 collection “LE SPLASH”. Look at how good he is at this new career:

Jacquemus Instagram account, @jacquemus

His style is suiting him perfectly. He plays with colours, genders and identity. Who said that a man could not wear makeup, heels or paint his nails. He proves that gender is over-rated, and we can be good looking, a famous singer and inspiring while having fun with clothes and fashion. He is an example of inclusivity and change in Men’s behaviour about fashion and style, and that is what we admire. 

Allure Instagram account, @allure
Allure Instagram account, @allure
Allure Instagram account, @allure

We only wish this Latino guy to continue what he is doing because he is great. This is amazing to see and have a male, within the music industry and also an actor, model and more, at ease with himself and who likes to play with clothes. He is a great source of inspiration and confidence. We hope he will continue to make us dance and have fun as well as modelling. He is good at it and we won’t complain about seeing something different. 

Well Done Bad Bunny 💪🏼

For more content about Bad Bunny as a Model and his collabs with Vogue:

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