Focus on: Haute Couture Week – July 2022 Paris edition

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Fall Winter 2022 – 2023 Haute Couture collections will be presented this week in Paris. 

As the Menswear Fashion Week ended a few weeks ago, Paris is receiving and organising this year’s edition of the Haute Couture Week. It is taking place, as usual, in Paris this July and major maison and famous brands are attending it. 

What to expect? What is the difference with the ready to wear fashion week? What makes it unique? Keep reading to know more about it. 

Haute Couture is a French term used to describe high-end fashion designs, usually made by hand from A to Z. It is used for a specific category of the fashion industry. Usually, Haute couture uses expensive and high-quality fabrics. Sometimes unusual. It requires a lot of time, effort and skills to make a Haute Couture garment. That explains why it is expensive and dedicated to special occasions and people. Haute Couture clothes or accessories are made to measure. 

This part of the fashion industry is scarce and requires skills and knowledge from Maison or fashion brands to make. Paris specialised in the 19th century in the production and fabrication of such items. That is the reason why this Haute Couture Week is really important, and many major and big brands are attending it. From Schiaparelli to Dior or Chanel, it is the time to show your know-how, creativity and talent. 

Haute Couture is all about hand-made items, high quality and detail oriented. Nothing has to be rushed or put apart. Details are really important as well as the quality of the fabrics, accessories and the technique used. It requires a lot of skills, knowledge and patience for a couturier to work on such items. 

Usually, Haute Couture final results are not just clothes but literally pieces of art. When we talk about the art of fashion and couture, as well as the capital of fashion, that is mostly what we have in mind. Each piece produced is unique as it is not a type of good that we buy regularly and by impulsion. This is considering the time needed to make and produce it as well as the cost. 

For designers, the Haute Couture Week, taking place in Paris this beginning of July, is the event to attend and take part in. In fact this moment is a way to highlight and show to the industry and the world your real knowledge, capabilities and creativity as well. Because, yes, it is also the time to show what you can imagine and make it into reality. 

Some memorable and iconic shows took place during this Haute Couture Week, happening in Paris twice a year (January and July). Just have a look at these memorable shows: 


This year’s edition is promising and we cannot wait to see more of the collections. Haute Couture is so much more inspiring than ready to wear. It is a physical representation of what we could dream of when we talk about Couture and Fashion. It is also the place to be amazed and project yourself in some creations. Whether you would get the chance to wear one of them or not, you can still get ideas of you in them, or creative visualisation of photographs you would take, first page cover of magazines or even events you would attend wearing them. 

Haute Couture is a daydream for everyone and a real chance and opportunity for those creating and wearing them. Being able to touch, make and take part in the creation of a future piece of art is a real luck sign for those involved. 

As for now, two days have gone since the beginning of the Paris Haute Couture Week and we wanted to show you some amazing creations. Those are the visual representation of what we explained before: a daydream. Just look and get yourself inspired. 

@schiaparelli on Instagram, pictures of the new Haute Couture collection of Schiaparelli
@visualtales on Instagram, pictures of the new Haute Couture collection of Iris Van Herpen
@irisvanherpen on Instagram, pictures of the new Haute Couture collection of Iris Van Herpen
@visualtales on Instagram, pictures of the new Haute Couture collection of Alaia

Everything is a complex mix and assemblage of fabrics, materials and different elements to create one unique and high quality piece. 

As for now, you can say that you know a bit more about Haute Couture and the difference between the fashion shows of this week and the other ones. Haute Couture is about a specific know-how, hand-craft and uniqueness. Haute Couture is really about couture and art. Not only about trends and being fashionable. 

However, we must admit that we regret a sort of evolution in this traditional universe of fashion. In fact, all the shows are dedicated to women. Unfortunately, there is a lack of inclusivity and diversity from the choice of the models. Moreover, we find it pitiful that no men  were represented or no collections we thought for them. 

Times are changing but this Haute Couture world is not as fast as society. Men are still expected to wear a suit. As a result, this leads to a sort of lack of imagination, diversity and newness. We know that there is something to think about in this field and some work needs to be done, but we will see where it goes in the next few years. 

FashionAddBalls is looking forward to the next upcoming fashion shows. Stay tuned to read more about this Haute Couture Fashion Week and to discover more about the creations. 


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