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Focus on: Lewis Hamilton


The famous Formula One athlete is back on the fashion scene

After some time being more discreet in the fashion world and focused on his main activity: formula ONE, the great athlete, Lewis Hamilton is back and he has a lot to share and inspiration to give us. 


Lewis Hamilton who? 

First thing first, who is Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis is a British motorsports racing driver competing in Formula One for Mercedes. He is considered by some of his fans and some professionals in this sport as the best driver of his generation. He is described as being very complete, aggressive and serious. 

But well, he may be serious during championships and competitions but between them, he is famous for his jet-set lifestyle and freedom. 

Lewis is used to enjoying his time between races to do whatever he wants to and giving time to other of his passions such as fashion. Polaroids enjoy him and track him worldwide to report on what he is doing between races and two victories. 

However, the same media titles can be brutal. Lewis Hamilton has been the victim of racism several times. He can be the only man of colour performing a race and competing. But instead of listening, he stood for the cause and against racism. He protested for Black Lives Matter for example. He is also active in helping and giving a chance to the under-represented backgrounds kids and students to build and access to a better future. He does not stop in acting for human rights, equalities and diversity. Lewis Hamilton also fights for the climate, for the environment and the animals. He follows a plant-based diet, making him one of the most famous athletes to publicly say it, he also has a plan to be carbon neutral and more. 

More than that, Lewis Hamilton is not only an automobile athlete. He also has a venture in the music industry! He is known as XNDA. He recorded a song with Christina Aguilera. 


Race in Fashion: the Starting Points

The best part that we will explore today: Lewis Hamilton and the Fashion Industry! Because yes, being an athlete does not mean not paying attention to its fashion style. Lewis Hamilton launched a collection in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger during the 2018 New York Fashion Week. He also is an ambassador for a luxury watch company owned by Richemont: IWC.  


Lewis Hamilton victorious in the Fashion World Men’s Cup Competition:

In the Fashion World’s Men’s cup competition, Lewis Hamilton is probably at the top position. The Formula One Athlete is not only the best driver of his generation, he is probably the best dressed and stylish athlete as well. 

From the official public appearances, to his daily life, it is always a pleasure to observe and see what he will be wearing. 

Also, what is amazing is that he does not care about the genres, we saw him wearing skirts and kilts, as well as bright colours. He wears every sort of fabric, plays with shapes, transparency and superposition. He also accessories his outfits and does not hesitate to wear rings and jewellery. His style is more street style inspired and has nice compositions. From red carpets, to the MET or just on daily basis, this is amazing.


A Race or a Strategy? 

Many athletes are investing and getting into fashion. They use their influence, the values of their domain and their message to communicate and unit people around the same visions. This is also a way for them to diversify their audience, the image and appearance. For Lewis Hamilton, it is not to prove how good his fashion style is. He is known as an athlete and racing competitor which means he is brave, free and disruptive as his sport can be. That is what we all assume, and that is on this basis that his identity is built. 

Lewis has a daring fashion style and amazing tastes. 


Back in the Fashion Cup

A few days ago, Lewis Hamilton made his comeback on Instagram as a fashion icon. He published a picture of his outfit showing the world that he is still in the race. A green outfit, perfect for the season and in total accordance with the current trends. 

He also made a comeback on the Valentino scene, with the amazing Zendaya. We saw him on a post by Luxurylaw, posing and dressed in a pink outfit for Valentino. 

He is back on the fashion scene. As if it was a summer break from the automobile competitions, but a new race in fashion. When not competing, he is well dressed. 


What to expect next

As summer is going on, and the world is still alive, we expect to see him even more in the fashion industry. We had the chance to see him attending the Met Gala, fashion shows and being an ambassador for many brands. 

Maybe in the near future we can expect him to partner with another brand to create and launch another collection. We also thought about a brand that Lewis would own by himself and develop, like Cristiano Ronaldo and his CR7 brand. 


Anyways, we are not bored of watching his looks and his fashion evolution and we hope he will keep going this way. An athlete with such an influence, principles and convictions is always a good source of inspiration. Both on a fashion style level and on an ethical and inspirational hero level. 

Let’s wait and see in what race Lewis will get involved next.


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