Focus on: Paris Fashion Week, the recap

Focus on: Paris Fashion Week, the recap

Paris Fashion Week – Menswear SS23

What to keep in mind and to not forget about this edition of the Paris Fashion Week. 

Paris Fashion Week ended on the 21st of June, 2022, with the comeback of Celine on the runways. Get yourself comfortable and ready to read a few things about this year’s edition of the Men fashion week for the Spring-Summer 2023 collection. We are excited about it!

Once again, this edition of the Menswear Paris Fashion Week has blown us with creativity, inspirations and art. Yes, this was a pretty cool edition, with a lot of things to remember. So let’s get started to explore some of the major events that happened this year. 


The Spanish luxury brand has blown up and redefined the codes of fashion. They introduced, during this PFW, a brand-new disruptive collection. When Nature matches with Fashion & Design and technology it leads to Loewe SS23 menswear collection. 

The brand introduced a full collection made from fabric, plants, screens and more! a mix of the digital and physical world surrounded by nature. This was a proof of the next move of fashion, a need to go green and sustainable for the fashion industry. Loewe has proven their creativity and capability of turning science into fashion. The result is just awesome. If you like plants as well as nature, and want to get it daily, then you should get this collection. Also, if you are a connected person, the digital items will fit you perfectly. 


The brand made a comeback this year, by retaking part of the Paris Menswear fashion week. They came back to present their new collection. The show started with the hysteria of the fans when seeing their Korean K-pop groups. Anyways, the collection is elegant, shining and amazing. Oversized items playing with transparency and shining fabrics. A mix of different patterns, colours and fabrics. An amazing collection for the comeback of the brand! 

Marine Serre

Diversity. This is the only word that came first to our minds when watching the show. From the choice of the models, to the colours and patterns of the collection, the famous fashion brand provided us with a show totally unique. Models of all ages, body types, origins and backgrounds. We saw some models, actors, athletes, public celebrities and many more artists. That is what we like in fashion, when brands try to represent as many categories of people and body type.

The collection is also amazing, and we love the monochromatic looks, mix of patterns and shapes. Just look at the following illustrations, you will better understand why we are speechless. Also watch the full Marine Serres collection presented during this June session of the Paris Fashion Week. 

Louis Vuitton

Another show we have to talk about: Louis Vuitton. It was the last tribute to Virgil Abloh. The show took place at Le Louvre, in Paris, a wonderful setting for the last collection imagined by Virgil Abloh. The brand considers this show as being the imagination of childhood becoming reality, that’s why they imagined and designed a yellow bricks catwalk. Superposition, colours, and disruptive items, that is what qualified this collection. The show was also animated by Kendrick Lamar, singing live from the guests’ bench and sitting next to Naomi Campbell. 

Rick Owens

Well, what should we start with? Creativity, simplicity and exaggerations. Kind of paradoxical but true. The simplicity of the setting and catwalk to reveal and keep the natural beauty of the Palais de Tokyo. Exaggerations of the shapes, the clothes and talent of the designer! We loved the oversize, skinny looks and the inspiring colours and transparency. Finally, creativity. As usual, the designer showed a different approach to fashion. That is what he is famous for. Let’s not forget some elements of the setting and the music. That was awesome to watch! We Have now more inspiration from some looks for the next season! 

Louis Gabriel Nouchi

Finally, we wanted to talk about Louis Gabriel Nouchi and the simplicity and minimalism behind the collection presented during this Paris Menswear Fashion Week. The brand is not as famous and well known as the other ones but it has this little extra. It makes it all. Well, maybe this is a minus… The collection was minimalist, but literally. Showing men half-naked on the catwalk, a daring move for a smaller brand to get visibility and getting a new audience. This collection is captivating.

Warnings! If you have some daddy issues, you probably (not) watch the show. 

Of course many more brands and collections were shown during this PFW. Sadly we cannot talk about everything! This edition was inspiring and interesting to watch and take part of. We will publish later on some of the other looks we imagined for some fashion shows on our Instagram account! Keep in touch

Anyways, for the Spring-Summer 2023, we can expect to see men wearing transparent items mixed with oversized tops or bottoms and different colours and patterns.Of course layering is still trendy and seems to continue. Moreover, monochromatic looks are pursuing their way through our dressing rooms. Finally, genderless outfits are taking more and more strength. This year we saw many designers showing off men wearing skirts, dresses, transparent or crop tops.  

You now know what you can invest in to wear now and later! Do not forget, sustainability is not an option!

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