Heat Wave Summer TIPS

Heat Wave Summer TIPS

How to save you from sweating while keeping an outstanding fashion style. 


Summer is not done yet and we are all struggling with the heat wave. Yes it is bloody hot outside and sunny. But you know what? We have some TIPS for you. Whether you need to go to work, you are on holiday or you just want to look good while going out, we have some ideas. We collected TIPS and options to brave this heat wave and keep an outstanding fashion style this summer. 

We have thought about this article after publishing the Summer Tips one. Instead of giving you some advice on items and pieces you should get, we thought this article would be more on what to do or not to brave the heat and the sun. A few tips on what you can do without buying anything. Just things to think of before going out. 



First thing first, let’s start with the visible part of your outfit. As you may already know, dark colours have this tendency to warm up and make you feel really hot. While on a heat wave, that is not really convenient. In fact, dark colours tend to absorb the warmth, the sun rays and light. That is why you feel hotter. 

Instead wearing bright colours would make you feel better and less suffering from the weather. Bright colours, such as white, beige, pastels and so on, will reflect the light and sun rays which result in a reduced sensation of warmth. 


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Light and soft fabrics

Then, not only the colours are essentials to consider before going out during a heat wave. The type of fabric also plays a huge part in the comfort sensation provided by clothes. During summer time, emphasise on light and soft fabrics such as cotton, linen, silk. This kind of floating fabrics. By being lighter and softer, you won’t suffer from wearing something and will have the impression of not wearing anything. 

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Light and soft garments

We have just talked about the fabrics, and which ones are the best on a heat wave. Now we want to focus more on the clothes and what is best in the summer. First of all, you need to be protected from UV rays. We tend to believe that during the summer we should barely wear clothes and hang around shirtless or in swimsuits. That is a mistake. Simply because you would expose your skin to the harmful sunrays and UVs which will result in sunburns, insolation and in the worst case: cancer. 

When going out on a heat wave, try to wear light clothes but wear something. A tee-shirt and a pair of shorts could do the job. A light linen pair of pants combines with a linen short sleeve shirt. Many options. 

Tank tops are back and really trendy, both for men and women. As we said in a previous article, you have many ways to look fashionable in the summer. Combining shirts and shorts of light pants could make you look good, protect you and still be light and not be problematic. 


Head Protections

When it is hot outside and the sun is shining all day long, we need protection. Protect your body with clothes but do not forget your head! We do not want to get a sunstroke or worse. That is the reason why you should consider wearing a hat. During a heat wave it will protect your head from the sun as well as your face and it is a sort of face shadow that you can bring with you anywhere. 

Plus, it gives a fashionable and a fantastic final touch to an outfit. Hats are great protectors but also accessories to consider.

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Who said sunscreens were only used at the beach??? Honestly, dermatologists and other doctors will tell you: apply sunscreen on a daily basis. You should add it to your daily skincare routine. Sunscreen will protect your skin from the damaging effect of the sunrays. It will also avoid getting burnt by them. Finally, by protecting your skin, you will avoid the acceleration effect of the sun. Which will result in a younger skin. You will look good, have a great skin tone and tan. 

It is not because you put sunscreen on your skin that you will not tan! That is fake news! You will definitely tan. Most of all, you will reduce the bad effects of the sunrays. Also, not being red at the end of the day is definitely a good thing! Who wants to look like a tomato? 



Summer, Heat Wave and blue sky. Yes, this could be a short description of what is currently going on. We can see it. But for how long? 

The sun can be damaging for your eyes. Moreover, if you have blue eyes, you know how sensitive you can be to light colours, to the sun and so on. 

That is the reason why it is important to wear sunglasses during summer and when it is sunny outside. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from the UVs and the aggression by the sun. 

Still not convinced? Okay, well, we have to tell you how fashionable and iconic a pair of sunglasses can be. Yes, they are a great way to protect yourself but also to be good looking at all times. Like a hat. You have so many options of shapes, colours and style of sunglasses. And if you take care of them, you can get multiple pairs of them and  just switch depending on what you are wearing and what look you want to get. 

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On top of that, we have some health related advice. Drink water!!! 

During a summer heat wave, it is important to drink water and stay hydrated. It is not necessary to drink cold water. Temperate water is better. It is said that you will have a better absorption of the sodium and also it will require less energy and effort for your body to digest it. Which can result in a reduced warm effect. 

Water is also present in many fruits and vegetables. Eat lettuce, cucumbers, watermelon and so on. Fruits and veggies are full of water, and they are good for your health as well (eat your greens! 5 a day). By doing so, you can include more water easily on a daily basis as well as being in good health thanks to the veggies. 

Lastly, we know and understand that a beer can be refreshing or wine. Cocktails and summer are synonyms. But alcohol tends to dehydrate and can be dangerous during a heat wave. You can, of course, drink whatever you like, but please make sure to also drink water to stay hydrated. This is important for you and to brave the heat.  

Fashion and water? Yes, we can write some lines about it. You can carry water everywhere without looking stupid or ruining a great outfit. How? Simple by carrying a bottle of water in a bag with you. The bag will be your accessory and the final touch of your global look. It will have a differential touch while being useful to carry the essential and water. During summer, you can opt for totes, which are amazing by their sizes, their weight and lightness. 

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Outside is the enemy

Finally, do not forget that on a heat wave in the summer, going out and being outside can be dangerous. When it is very hot, it is highly recommended to stay inside and in cooled places. Try to minimise your excursion. If you need to go out, try to stay in the shadows and in areas protected from the sun. Also, protect yourself. 

Then, if possible, stay in cooled places, with the air conditioning. Take news from your loved one and take care of the most vulnerable. 


During summer and especially during a heat wave, it is important to be careful. Do not overestimate yourself and your capacities to resist the weather. We are not invincible. That is why it is important to protect ourselves and others. 

These TIPS we just provided are some advice to make sure to stay safe and to help you face this period of the year. We want to stay safe and to give you all the tools and knowledge to stay in good conditions.

Global warming is happening. It takes a lot of time and effort to face and try to change or at least, stop it.  With these previous simple TIPS, we can reduce its effects on us and get prepared. Of course, we have to continue to fight against it, but we tried to provide you with some clues to make sure you are okay at a minimum cost and ecological impact. You do not need to buy anything, just make sure to adopt the right behaviour. 

Have fun, enjoy your summer and stay safe! 


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