Improve your style: simple steps

Improve your style: simple steps

Improve your style: simple steps

TIPS on how to change or improve your fashion style, easily and where to start

Maybe you have asked yourself how some people can always be fashionable or trendy. How much do they spend on their daily outfits, or even if they wear more than once every piece of cloth they have. Well, it depends. We know that is not sufficient to answer your questions but it is a start.

If you are considering improving your fashion style and your look but you do not know where to start or how, just keep reading this article, you may find some advice and clues. Whether you try to follow trends, improve your outfits or just want to be more confident, then that’s for you. 

This guide is not about fast fashion and buying clothes you will wear just once. It keeps in mind the environmental issue that we are all facing. We must not forget, when getting dressed or buying new items, that we are in a way responsible for the ecological situation and that the fashion industry is one of the worst ones for our planet. This guide will try to give you some clues but on a budget friendly and eco-friendly approach. Yes, we can be fashionable and sustainable. 

So, let’s get started! If you think that you must invest a lot of money and time, always looking for new trendy items, then you should consider thinking differently. Fashion is a rapid and changing industry, but there are always timeless and forever good-looking items. If you want to improve your fashion style, then start investing in these items!

First of all let’s start with colours.

We know that depending on the season or time of the year, we will not wear the same colours. But we have some that will match each single season and not become inappropriate depending on the day of the year. Black and White (in this case we consider them as colours). This is a good start and timeless item you can invest on. It is also a great start for your outfits and you do not risk anything with shirts or tee-shirts in these colours. But if you want some other colours, we recommend you to invest in blue, which is also a great match and quite easy to wear. 

Okay but now, where to buy such items? 

Then let’s try to be sustainable and budget friendly. Even if you cannot afford expensive clothes with an ethical way of being produced, you can still minimise your ecological impact. The key is to invest in quality! We are talking about investment because we want fabrics that will not change over time and cleaning cycles. For that, you can find pretty good quality by shopping at Uniqlo for example, or Asos as well. They have a range of organic cotton, and it resists quite well to be washed. Apart from that, we can also find many alternatives on the internet, but also get out of your home! Yes, do not order things online if you can find it in real life. Go out, go shopping to your local and small stores. They are not necessarily more expensive than online, and you can find pretty high quality items. Most of all, it helps local businesses and limits your ecological footprint (no transport needed!). 

Idea of a shirt and tee-shirt, from @uniqlo_fr on Instagram
Simple outfit but efficient, oversized withe tee-shirt, from @asos_man on Instagram
@organicbasics on Instagram, sustainable brand, simple colour and shirt, but always trendy and good looking.

What type of items should you buy?

You can start with simple tee-shirts and shirts. No logos or images and in one colour. It is easy to wear, timeless and also adapted to many different occasions, whether for a casual day, workday, date or even parties. You can buy them oversized, which is quite trendy and comfortable, as well as adjusted to you and combine both. Wear a shirt open, over a tee-shirt. It will make you look good and clean, as well as timeless and adapted to many occasions. 

@samyportejoie on Instagram, giving us an inspiration of how to wear simple items and make them a great outfit
@vincent_duchapeau on Instagram, wearing simple colours and items but turning them into an amazing outfit
@jaimetoutcheztoi on Instagram, Simple, efficient, timeless and good looking outfit made from great items.

Then let’s talk about the bottoms. 

You can have many choices for that part. Jeans, normal pants, formal ones, shorts… We recommend considering jeans, as they are adapted to many occasions, comfortable, long lasting and it requires not much attention. Jeans are not necessarily eco-friendly, but you can find pretty good ones, for not a huge amount of money in thrift shops. Yes, you should go to these types of shops. You would be surprised how many cheap and good items you can find. That is also more sustainable. You also have some second hand websites if you do not want to go there if you do not have a close one near where you live. Check out Vestiaire Collective for luxury and fashion brands items, or Vinted. Otherwise, if you buy new ones, try to select organic cotton and from brands with an environmental impact not that bad. 

You can either opt for a regular pair of jeans, or oversized one, as they are really trendy for now. Try to keep it simple and not destroyed or with weird colours, as you will be able to wear it at any time and for a longer period. Dark blue, black, white or bright blue should work. 

@iskodenim on Instagram, idea of jeans to wear
@brooklynpeltzbeckham on Instagram, jeans to wear and how
@marineserre_official on Instagram, jeans to wear and how
@manurios on Instagram, good outfit wearing jeans

Shoes are the next step. 

To improve your style, shoes can make a big difference. Okay, you can invest in really sophisticated shoes or colourful ones if you want. Combined with the different advice below, you would still look good and it would bring to light your iconic shoes. They can be the masterpiece of an outfit. However, if you want to purchase something long lasting, adapted to many different occasions and that will be amazing, then keep reading. Shoes are quite expansive, and they are usually badly treated. We walk everywhere, do not necessarily clean them everytime and we keep them longer than regular clothes. That is the reason why it is important to invest, once again, in quality and simple elements that will always stay trendy. We want timeless items and adapted to your dailylife. Sneakers are kind of the “do the job” shoes, as they are comfortable, classic and resistant. So why not go for Nike’s Air Force 1, or Adidas’s Stan Smith shoes. You have many brands offering black or white shoes, and more sustainable brands can be considered in this purchase, such as Veja shoes for example. If you do not want sneakers, you can find plenty of other shoes that will last for a long time, for example Dr.Martens shoes are well known and famous for their resistance. They offer a vegan collection as well as regular. You have many boots options, but also more basic and daily life adapted shoes. 

More than quality, what will make your shoes keep running the time it is how careful you are. We do not tell you to not wear them or not doing whatever you want, but just regularly cleaning your shoes (no washing machine!!!!), combined with some care (specially for leather shoes), this will result in up to date shoes and they will look good for years! 

Veja shoes, timeless, ethical and good looking, @veja on Instagram
Nike shoes idea to improve your style, simple and will fit with everything, from @zalando_street on Instagram
@drmartensofficial instagram, Dr.Martens shoes, simple, long-lasting and good looking shoes and an idea on how to wear them.

Finally, accessories. 

Yes, you can consider purchasing accessories to improve your style. We wrote a previous article about tips on how details can improve your outfits and global look. To keep it simple and clear, you can invest in jewellery and bags for example. If you opt for quality, such as sterling silver or gold for jewellery, they will last forever and you will not need to buy a lot. Bags can be bought at thrift shops. You can find nice brands, and quality for not a big amount of money. For bags we recommend investing in leather or natural fabrics. Also, you can find many vegan alternatives that are amazing. Quality will make the difference in terms of durability, but also in terms of visual aspect. Quality can make an item look expansive and chic even though you thrift shopped it or took it from your grand-ma.

@casoperdido on Instagram, wearing a bag and necklaces as accessories
@maisonvalentino on Instagram, good simple outfit, with a bag, simple, black and great
@lewishamilton on Instagram, showing us his rings and jewellery, great to improve your style!

As you have read in this article, the keys to improving your style easily is to invest in quality, timeless and simple colours. You can find many sustainable brands to shop from, as well as thrift shops. But do not forget to go and have a look at your local stores. Your local small businesses need support and they usually have good deals and items. Do not neglect them 😉 The main point by investing in basic and qualitative items is that you will be able to match them with your current wardrobe and future one. They will fit with literally everything and be adapted to any situation. Keep this in mind, styled differently, they can look different and give different vibes to your outfits. 

Also check out our article about details for more inspiration on how to improve your style. 

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