London Fashion Week: June 2022

London Fashion Week: June 2022

London Fashion Week: June 2022

What to expect for this year’s fashion week?

We all know and see what fashion weeks are about. Some days in the fashion capitals of the Worlds when designers and fashion brands present their future collection. Basically, it is the fashion events to attend and follow if you want to keep yourself in touch with the industry. It is also a moment to follow and observe your favourite celebrities, designers and brands as everyone will show off. 

This year’s London session will start in June 2022. It will take place from the 11th to the 13th in the City followed by Paris. It will be presented by Clearpay, a payment solution for people to pay for the things you want by splitting payments in four.

But what shall we expect from this year’s edition?

As Covid has changed and shaped our life since it impacted us, it was obvious that the event will be hybrid. Both physical and digital events are expected. As usual, we also expect brands to broadcast their show, and go live when exhibiting their collections, either on their social media, or on their website / official website of the LFW. 

We mostly expect well known and implemented brands to give us an insight of what we will be wearing in the near future, but we also want to be amazed and to fall in love with emerging and young brands. In fact, The British Fashion Council and the London Fashion Week official website, are emphasising on new brands that will take part of this June’s event and they try to attract a new and open minded audience to watch and attend the events. 

@badhabitslondon on Instagram, taking part in the London Fashion Week
LONDON FASHION WEEK- DiscoveryLAB X Noirgaze, posted on YouTube by NOIRGAZE_OFFICIAL

Fashion weeks are not just about existing and giant fashion brands, but it is also about emerging and creative designers. London is an important fashion city, and for years it has put an importance to highlight and encourage young designers. In fact, many fashion schools take part in the fashion week, and it is a great chance for them or their talents to show off to the world what they are capable of and to expose their creativity. 

@londonfashionweek on Instagram, showing @_brandon_choi, taking part in the London Fashion Week
@londonfashionweek on Instagram, showing @noirgaze_official, taking part in the London Fashion Week

This June’s London Fashion Week is presented by Clearpay. According to the British Fashion Council (BFC), the last ten years have been a major tournament in the fashion event and its organisation, providing more space and freedom to support the future of fashion by giving designers the ability to participate in any edition they want. The goal is to empower and give a chance to the emerging and less known talent to exhibit their talent whenever they want and when it makes the most sense and it is more accurate to their brand. That is also why there is a “DiscoveryLAB designers” schedule for this year’s season, during the fashion week, to give a chance to get to know a new generation of fashion creators and brands. 

British Fashion Council LinkedIn post

London seems to be the best place to start in the industry as a designer and brand owner, as it is the city to dare and try. London fashion style, and most generally, British fashion is about being creative, imaginative, disruptive sometimes but most importantly: being brave enough to wear whatever you want to. British people are categorised as open minded in terms of clothes and most people tend to not judge about how you get dressed. That is maybe why London’s fashion weeks and events are always a real show to attend and an amazing experience if you want to see something different in fashion and really creative. 

For this June’s edition, we are hoping to see creativity. We hope to be speechless (well no, because we would like to write about it), inspired and amazed. Fashion is an art that we are looking forward to admiring. 

Summer is right on its way, and we would loooove to get into it with new original and innovative ideas about clothes, fashion, colours, accessories, music, attitude. Well EVERYTHING. 

London Fashion Week June 2022 – It’s Almost Here, posted on YouTube by the British Fashion Council,

Also, fashion weeks are about celebrities, models and designers. That is the reason why we are looking forward to seeing how people will wear during these few days, what scandal will explode. Breaking news is more than welcome. On top of that, we are always happy to see new faces to these events, and who is taking part in making this month of June unforgettable. 

As a result, we are looking forward to this June’s edition of the London Fashion Week. We cannot wait to see what the next generation and future of fashion have to show. We are seeking creativity and getting inspired. We have this feeling that we will be satisfied. Let’s wait and see! 

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