Måneskin: Fashion Icons

How they play with gender and clothes as a music group and tend to change people’s behaviour. 

Eurovision, Rotterdam – Netherlands: May 22, 2021. Italy wins. 

Last year Eurovision was, as many other events and contests, different from the previous years. No public, sanitary restrictions and COVID playing the first part of the concert. 

But it did not change the aim to win from the different countries participating in this event.  The Eurovision Song Contest (also known as ESC or just Eurovision to make it simple), is an annual event taking place in Europe. It was first launched in 1956, with only 7 countries participating. As we can see, it grew up through the years and became one of the most watched worldwide song contests. 

In 2021, it was Italy, the winner of the Eurovision, 11 years after their latest victory, in 1991 and for the third time in the existence of the show. Italy was represented by a Rock music band called Måneskin. 

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

Måneskin was formed in 2016, in Rome, Italy. It is composed of four members: Damiano (singer), Victoria (bassist), Ethan (drummer) and Thomas (guitarist) (Wikipedia, n.d.). 

During that night, they amazed the international public for many reasons: first of all, how they looked and their music category. They won by playing a rock song, which, we must admit, we liked. Also, they were all dressed in those purple costumes, all the same, wearing heels and make up. Amazing. But also, because of the polemic, from the French journalists who accused Damiano, the singer and “leader” of the group, to be on drugs and high during the contest. It finally turns out to be just a fake news.

And here was the start of the international renown and career of the band. They started travelling the world, performing in front of many more people, in different scenes. They even went to Coachella in 2022, to perform. 

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

This group has proven its musical talent and knows how to make people dance, sing and enjoy. 

However, we wanted to focus, not only on this group and their music, but more on their appearance and image on a fashion point of view. 

Since their participation to the Eurovision, they have continued to be as well dressed as possible when they have been performing or even just when out in public. 

They like playing with clothes and Gender means nothing to them.

Every public appearance is a sort of a fashion show for the group members, and they do not stick just for representation and concert. Here are some examples of their outfits and costumes on the scenes and for public appearances:

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial
Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial
Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

More than that, they also took part as models and new faces of Gucci:

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

And their Instagram account is at their image: free, sassy and Rock & Roll:

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial
Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

As shown before and explained, they like to play with clothes, accessories and makeup. The group likes to dare, try and does it pretty well. Actually, their successful recipe is to play with nudity without showing to much, being provocative but at the same time Rock & Roll and most of all f*cking good. They combine transparency, different fabrics, dark colours, shining elements and, of course, heels.

Times are changing and we love that. We encourage the group to continue and to give the fans and us as well (tbh), more of their sassy bad b*tches energy. We also hope this would help other artists to get inspiration from and to try playing more with clothes! 

Måneskin as supermodels, maybe this inspired their new song coming up on May 13th, 2022. 

Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial
Måneskin Instagram account, @maneskinofficial

We believe in the great power of clothes, but also everything related to fashion (shoes, accessories, makeup…) to make a difference in terms of image and to build a strong and long lasting identity. Måneskin understood the assignment: look at what they built  in only one year! From Eurovision to Coachella. Being unknown at an international scale to doing tours and being invited all over the world.

We hope for this group to keep going, having fun and also being themselves because that is how we love them. Maybe hoping to see them in the near future fashion weeks??? 


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