Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Men SS23

Paris fashion has started and is going on since Monday 21st of June. This is the best time to get in touch with our future trends and to know what will look like our next summer.

However, today’s article is not about the fashion week or to talk about the different shows and amazing creations. 

As many brands are running their fashion shows in person, and fashion week is slowly going back to normal (pre-pandemic), we tend to forget about smaller brands broadcasting their show online. A lot of brands are scheduled to the fashion week, not only in Paris by the way. 

Digital platforms such as social media, websites, YouTube, and more, have allowed anyone to go live, organise and broadcast their collection, enabling smaller brands with fewer budgets to get visibility and being more seen. 

This Paris Male fashion week, showing the collection 2023 for the spring summer seasons, is not just about big names of fashion. Some smaller brands are taking part in it, mostly online, or hybrid (physic and digital), allowing anyone to watch the show, discover the brand and collection as well as getting more highlights. 

We decided to use this chance and these digital events as an opportunity to create our own look for the fashion week. Digital shows mean digital audience, watching the event on their mobile devices such as their phone or computers. 

FAB is one of them. These types of events are not just convenient to watch (accessible everywhere), they also are a great entertaining option and creative inspiration. That is why we decided to create some looks to attend digital events. We chose clothes, accessories and shot one of us, as if we were attending a real show. Here are the looks:

Look 1
Look 2
Look 3

Three looks for Three days or different fashion shows! We went for simple colours, and mixed it with accessories. We will get in details with these looks. 

Look 1:  

No gender

Crop top, black satin dress (yeah, looks like a shirt, but that’s a dress), Dr.Martens boots, Encré. Send Nudes socks, Coach bag, sunglasses (it is summer), and a pearl necklace with rings and bracelets. Simple haircut:  natural hair. Of course, the massive security belt!

Simple items, mixed together to create a more “fashion look”. We opted for classic and timeless to be able to wear this for a night out, an event, a fashion show or as we did, to watch Louis Vuitton fashion show! 

Accessories are a good way to upgrade your style. Wear a mask to stay safe, or if you have a spot you want to hide (yeah it has multiple advantages). Layering is amazing and it gives a sort of 3D impression and makes your global look more alive and it creates dynamism. And of course, a big bag to put our cameras, notebooks and some deodorant for the fashion week (and running between meetings at the office). 

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Look 2:

Classy briefs

Oversized Jeans, black satin shirt (not the previous dress!), white tank top, sunglasses with a chain to serve as a different accessory, necklace, rings, bracelets, and a smartphone to take our best pictures (of course the underwear). We kept the headphones on, who said accessories cannot be tech?? And of couse, a small bag!

Ok, so let’s start by what we forgot and wanted to do: nail polish. It would have given another dimension and finishing touch to the look, but we were running out of time so please, excuse us.

Nevermind, once again, simple items, simple colours, but styled in a way that it does not look boring and change from what we are used to wearing daily. We chose to wear these jeans as a baggy, that is trendy, comfortable, it allows to give rhythm to the final look and dimension. We do not want anything flat or basic, by opting for different sizes, shapes and cuts, you will look more dynamic. It is like a book you read, you will have different elements to look at, making a look composed of simple clothes, different, attractive and amazing. 

Tank Tops are back and better when they are in a close-fitting cut, baggy jeans really large, an oversized satin shirt, for more brightness, elegance, and fashion. Do not hesitate to mix and play with clothes! They are made for it!

This look is more relaxed, good for a night out with friends or just daily (that is how our model wears it ;))

Look 3:

Summer Fashion Show

Satin black shirt, black pants, black cap, Coach bag (we are obsessed with Coach sorry), sunglasses, necklace, rings, bracelets, chain belts (chains are our signature and passion), high-waist tights, and zebra Dr.Martens.

This is our fashion summer look. First of all because you can see a lot of our model’s body. Then, the accessories make it all and give a fashion-summer vibe that we love and are so useful when it is warm and sunny. Finally, the chain belt and the bag give another dimension to the look. 

As we explained in our other articles, details make it all and accessories are keys to improve your style. We prove here, once again, that you do not need to have masterpiece or original items to be fashionable. The chains are our signature and identity, but also it gives the look a disruptive result. 

The mini bag is perfect to carry your wallet, phone, camera (mini as well) and keys. We love Coach bags for their designs. Adapted to any situation and quite qualitative. If you want to invest in “affordable” designer pieces, think about it. 

We are into timeless, simple and amazing items. Why? Because you can style them without limit, constraints and for any occasions. Just bring accessories and small details to get an original, fashionable and trendy look! 

This look was designed for the Louis Gabriel Nouchi fashion show! 

Now you have seen how we would have worn for fashion shows of this Paris edition of the men’s spring-summer 2023. We opted for mostly black outfits because of the meaning behind this colour, the adaptability to quite every designer’s brand, and because we just love it. 

Digital shows do not mean not getting dressed! We showed you how we got prepared for them and maybe more are coming soon… we’ll see 😉

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