Rihanna’s Baby: a Fashion Hidden Icon

We all know about Rihanna. At least one of her famous songs, or as a fashion icon, even actress or just by name. From the last 17 years, she made us dance, sing, contemplate and being submerged by her charisma and attitude. She is probably one of the biggest icons of our century and even though fans are still waiting for a new album (which, btw, she avoids talking about),she knows how to make them still love her.

@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account

Rihanna is not just a basic bada$$ b*tch singer. She quickly became a Fashion Icon. First of all, we cannot avoid talking about her businesses. The entrepreneur she is, created a billion-dollar company: Fenty Beauty, but also an underwear brand: Savage X Fenty. It places Rihanna as a fashion creator and designer as well as one of the most powerful and successful entrepreneurs.

@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account
@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account

Through her music career and at each public appearance, she knows how to get people’s attention and how to be THE only one to remember about. We all have in mind her outfit from the Met Galas, or the 2014 CFDA Awards and the pink transparent gorgeous dress.

@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account
2014 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals
Rihanna attends the CFDA Fashion Awards on Monday, June 2, 2014 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

As long as we know, she is a fashion icon, and we cannot deny it. It would be being blind or bad faith.

Recently, she made the fashion world shake and her latest public appearances had been A THING. Why so? Mostly because in January 2022, the entire world discovered her pregnancy! It has been revealed through a picture of her, walking down in New York City, with a big, pink and opened Chanel coat. Since that day, every time she showed up was a crowd of Paparazzi rushing into her to take some pictures of this baby bump.

@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account

What is amazing to notice is that she always showed her baby belly and created looks and outfits regarding it. Or she was wearing transparent clothes or just a bra and some pants revealing and exposing this non-born baby.

Even Dior created a special dress for the Paris Fashion Week and the Dior Autumn 2022 runway show, and she has a “statue” at her effigy, pregnant during the 2022 Met Gala. Check out on Instagram and other Social Media, you will see plenty of pages from fans about her pregnancy.  Here are some pictures from her Instagram to give you an insight of how amazing she looks.

@dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Rihanna posing at the Dior AW22 show in Paris
@badgalriri, Marble Statue of Rihanna for the Met Gala 2022
@badgalriri, Picture from Rihanna’s Instagram account

Now that the end of her pregnancy arrives, we would like to think about what’s next. From a totally personal point of view, we aim to think that maybe the exposure of her baby, not already born, was a way to get people what they want before giving birth and keeping her family life private? By showing her baby bump that way and making it go viral and still entertaining the public, it could be a way for this inspiring woman to show what can’t be seen and then keeping it private as long as she can.

These are just suppositions and we cannot know, for now, how it will be. It is all about these new family choices and we can only wish them to be happy, healthy and to remain iconic (please).

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