Summer TIPS

Summer TIPS

The Keys for a Fashion Summer

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Today is Summer! We can officially talk about our upcoming holidays, trips, rest and change our wardrobe. We thought it would be the perfect time for us to give you some TIPS on how to be fashionable this season and what you can consider wearing or getting if you are a lost or curious man. Always here to give you a hand! 

Summer usually means sun. Tanning, enjoying the warmth of the sunrays and getting as much vitamin D as possible is amazing, but we have to be careful of heat strokes. What is better than a hat to cover and protect your head while enjoying being outside? Yes, this summer, consider hats if you want to be fashionable and well prepared for the season. You can opt for multiple types of hats. Either a bucket hat, a hat, simple and classic hat, straw hat. You have the choice in shapes, sizes, colours and style. Make sure to choose the one adapted to your face and morphology.  Finally, have you thought about bandanas or head scarfs? They are back and trendy and a good way to protect your hair and head from the bad effect of the sun. 

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As we try to cover and protect our head during summer, we tend to wear less clothing in general. Summer is warm, and we do not want to be hot and to sweat. However, we cannot walk barefoot outside and sometimes, we just have to be more dressed or formal, and for men it is difficult to adapt and find alternatives to closed shoes. Flip flops are great and cheap, but please, keep them for home issues or to go to the beach, otherwise, they are not that good looking and comfortable when we have to walk a bit. Most of all, we cannot really wear them at work. Instead, there are many Sandals and open shoes available for men and not old fashioned. Dr.Martens for example, has a large choice of options, in leather to be comfortable (vegan options available). Otherwise, you can find alternatives online if you are on a budget. Birkenstock as well are quite well known and have a large choice of sandals for men. If you are brave enough and know how to style them, you can consider crocs. They came back a few years ago, and they tend to be fashionable, but you have to be careful on how you wear them. Finally, if you still want to wear closed shoes but light ones, then why not consider some Espadrilles? They are some sort of canvas shoes, light, easy to wear and they have a chic and a bohemian style which can go with a linen shirt and pants, as well as bath shorts or just a pair of jeans. 

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Talking about shorts and pants, being fashionable during summer can seem like a challenge. Do not worry, we have solutions! First of all, shorts. To be fashionable and sustainable, you can go for simple shorts in terms of designs and colours. Doing this, you will be able to wear them from one year to the other and not have to buy some every year just for 3 months. 

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Then, if you are not into shorts, do not want to buy one or just can’t with your work, duties, either you go on a formal event, date or just personal reasons, pants are still your friends! Linen pants are actually the best solution for summer: light, simple, qualitative, soft, easy to take care of and mostly, good looking. You can wear these pants daily or just at night for a special occasion and even to go to work. 

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Finally, you cannot get some, then opt for cotton pants. They are lighter than jeans and comfortable as well. Cotton has the advantage of not being hot, easy to take care of and keep as well as it does not highlight the embarrassing marks when we are sweating.

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Of course, these pants and shorts can be worn with tee-shirts and shirts. Just have a look at our article about Improve Your Style, in which we gave some advice and help on what to wear and how easily. Here with summer, a simple tee-shirt layered by a shirt would be perfect! 

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Last but not least: accessories! You must now know how much we love and insist on wearing accessories to make your outfit better and to be more original. Well, summer is the season of the year to wear as many as you want! We started with hats, but what about sunglasses! Yes, that is the right moment of the year to invest in sunglasses or wear the one you already have! Just opt for a pair adapted to your face shape and your morphology, the colours you like and it will look perfect! Massive sunglasses are back in trends and small ones as well. Just have a look at these to get an inspiration if you are looking to invest in some. 

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Sunglasses are not the only accessory to get for this summer. Bags as well. Pockets overloaded with things such as your phone, keys, wallet and more, are not really the best thing. Instead get yourself a small bag in which you will fit everything, like a crossbody one, a  tote bag or even a backpack. Also, it is good to get a bag since it is really important to stay well hydrated during summer, and with a bag you can keep with you a bottle of water πŸ˜‰ and sunscreen. Going to the beach? Tote bags are the best. They are adapted to any occasion, whether during the day or at night, they are cheap, easy to get, and can be a souvenir from your place of holiday. They are a must have of your wardrobe and it is always useful to get one.  

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Accessories are also bracelets, necklaces and many more jewellery to wear, but we will not develop more since we wrote a full article about that. Also, with summer, we will not insist on jewellery if you are going to dip into the water or tanning, they can be a problem more than a plus. 

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As you have seen, there are many options and solutions to still be on top of trends this summer, with light, easy and convenient items. Once again, invest in quality and simple patterns, so you will be able to keep your summer items from one year to the other. And if you invest in some items such as bags, pants, hats and more, you will be able to wear them all year long! Summer is cool, but this year you will look cooler. Do not worry and have fun!

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