The Suit Story

Behind the scenes of this “Timeless classic for men”. 

The suit is one of the most popular and classic outfits for men. Whether it is to go to work, for an event or just a habit. Since the 20th century, it has become one of the daily attires for men. It has been popularised and worn by celebrities, working men and many more as an outfit for your daily life and not only for formal reunion or activities such as work.

What’s the meaning of such an outfit?

Well, we have to admit that a suit is viewed as a way to express your power. The more it is qualitative and fits you perfectly, the higher you are in the hierarchy. That is what it tends to imply. Also, it can be one of the reasons why all top executives and CEOs wear one. Eventually, we gave this meaning to these clothes, mainly because of their prices. It can be really expensive to buy a whole suit, perfectly adapted to your morphology and made with qualitative fabrics. That is also by its formal look and how it makes you look wearing one. A suit is very simple, Usually no more than two colours and without any patterns. It has to be ironed and well adjusted. Everything combined will make you look a bit rigid, cold, and very formal which leads to this sensation and feeling of power. 

Moreover, because it is formal and classic (not too sophisticated), a suit is one of the most loved outfits for events, such as a wedding, a party or even some big public appearance (Met, Oscars, Press Conferences…). As such, a suit is considered as a “must have” for men, as you will always find an occasion to wear one (hypothetically). 

What if I do not own a suit?

In this case do not worry. Maybe we can even say “hallelujah”?? A suit is a classic and basic outfit. If you do not own one but still want to look formal, just wear a shirt and some classic pants and you’ll be perfect (do not forget about clean shoes as well). 

However, we really believe that a suit is okay, but a bit boring. Fashion is such a wide universe, and designers put a lot of effort into creating and imagining new collections that it would be such a shame and waste to not try anything else! If you are still attached to wearing a suit, then try out these new versions, an oversize suit, which will, definitely, more comfortable, trendy and less boring:   

Gucci Instagram account, @gucci
Versace Instagram account, @versace
Off_white Instagram account, @off___white

Another option would be to just play and have fun with clothes. We have seen many women being so chic and trendy while not wearing a formal dress or a suit. Why not men? We have so many options to get dressed that it would be such a pity to reduce it to a white shirt and classic blazers with pants. Let’s use different colours, shapes, fabrics and clothes. For the least classic one, why not wearing a skirt? Just look at these inspirations if you want to see how it would result of: 

example of an outfit, @soy_raka on Instagram
example of an outfit, @samyportejoie on Instagram
example of an outfit, @botter_paris on Instagram

As a result, there are many ways to look good and still be fashionable while keeping this powerful image. Power is mostly about confidence. If you feel good about yourself in what you are wearing and how you present yourself, then do not worry, your aura will be such a weapon and a shield. 

In a world where we encourage and want people to be different and creative, forcing them to wear a suit is kind of an oxymoron. Instead, show your difference and dare to be yourself. It will make you stand out from the crowd and be more confident and at ease. It is all about you and about being true. Do not worry about people’s judgement; they will always have something to say about you, so make them be impressed and speechless by your own self-confidence and trust. 

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