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Do you need a fashion degree to work in fashion?

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For a long time we have been told that the fashion industry is a closed and restricted world, in which it is hard to get in. We have tried to think about this general idea and try to look at ways to enter the industry in different ways. 

Let’s start with fashion school and degrees. Of course this is the easiest and most secure way to get a job and career within fashion. In these programmes you will get fashion focused classes and courses, from people with a fashion background and knowledge. 

This option, to follow a specialised education from the beginning of your study is a great chance and amazing opportunity if you know quite soon in your life what you want to do and what career you want to pursue. But let’s be honest. Most youngsters have no idea what they want to pursue and which path they should go for. Orientation and knowing what job you want to get after your degree is hard and not as easy to know. That’s why a lot of people reorient themselves or make some changes during their studies or work life. 

Do not worry, there is nothing to be ashamed of or worried about, that is totally fine and normal! How could you know for sure, at 18 what you will do for the rest of your life, when you can barely plan your next dinner or summer holiday? 

That is the reason why we come here with different options to think about if you want to get a fashion education or to learn more about it if you consider moving to this field as your professional career.

We started talking about education and fashion degrees. If you have time, money, and the courage to go back to school, then you could think about joining and getting a fashion degree. Either a bachelor, a MBA or just some summer classes. Lots of universities offer summer classes and some of them, some weekly courses. This is a pretty convenient and more accessible way to get in with fashion and maximise your chance to get your dream job. One of the disadvantages of these is mostly the price. You will have to pay for these courses, so get prepared to save money and invest in your future.  But if you cannot attend physical classes, you still can find online courses. For example, checkout the UAL (University of the Arts of London) website. You will find plenty of options depending on your situation to get a foot in fashion. Also, LVMH offers a certification and online classes (it is free!) to learn more about fashion, luxury and related subjects and at the end you will get a certification from these courses. That is a great opportunity to think about. Also, the online options available make it easier to learn while keeping going with your current life. For all the working people, trying to change or students wanting to specialise while keeping on studying, go for it!

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Another way to get into this universe is to use what you already have! Do not underestimate the power of your degree, background or situation. Fashion is just a field, as science for example. But you can get a job in fashion but related to many industries or degrees. Fashion jobs include sales, communication, retail, marketing, engineering, accounting and many more. This is a way to first access and get a fashion job, by just using what you are good at, your expertise, maybe some of your previous experience to get a foot in this industry and start a new career. Also, internships are a great way to get experience and try a new activity as well as discover an industry. Do not forget about it, and try to get one! 

Sew Heidi, 7 Awesome Fashion Jobs you never knew existed, YouTube

It became so obvious and common that we tend to forget about it: the Internet. You know, this free, unlimited and available resource. By the way, you are using it right now to read this article… Well, online, you can create your own knowledge and get to know more about the industry, its history and get in contact with people. Just watch some YouTube videos, try to look at some brand websites you like, create your own culture and be your own teacher. Also, check on LinkedIn who is working for what and how they made it to get the job you are willing to get. Do not hesitate to contact them and ask them questions about it. Follow the social media platforms of brands and try to keep up to date with the news. Some fashion oriented websites would help you with this as well as some fashion job platforms such as BoF career and directly on the corporate website of many groups and brands. 

Finally, why are you waiting after somebody else? We strongly believe that you are totally capable of doing great things and getting where you want to go. How? Create your own experience! Do not be shy or hesitant. If you want something, just do it and try it! It can either be a blog or a social media account and even writing posts on LinkedIn. Also, do not be ashamed to show people your willingness to change and to evolve. Ask for advice and help to find an opportunity that suits you best. Try to draw, create and make your own portfolio. Also, think about case studies, write essays on the subjects you are interested in. You still can try to get in at some fashion weeks, follow the development of young and starting brands. By yourself and being curious and motivated, you can learn a lot and you can focus and enrich yourself with what you truly want and need. Do not hesitate to try. Just do it (Are we legally allowed to say that, or should we ask Nike?). If you struggle to get an experience, put this massive effort in yourself and try a new project instead. Same effort, but way more satisfying and enriching. You will lose less time applying and trying to convince people to hire you, and you will get qualification, knowledge and confidence as well. 

TEDxErie, Solopreneurship: How to Create Your Dream Job from Scratch, Joshua Lisec, YouTube

There are plenty of ways to get through the fashion industry. Just choose the one that suits your plan and situation. You can try step by step or everything at the same time. If you doubt that’s normal, it means you are a human being. But never give up, you are capable of it and worthy. We listed some ways but of course you have plenty more. We just gave some possibilities and paths to help you in your growing process, but we are sure that you will find your way and your own plan. That is what we did at FAB, and we’ve never been so proud and confident 😉

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